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Ok, one white one, one black one...
You can't black ball Michele Obama, she's already got them. Barry Soetero's...
NO! How the hell milquetoast candidate McCain ever got past the nomination process is far beyond me! This was anality and magical thinking by the GOP OLD WHITE MEN CONTINGENT AT ITS HEIGHT! There was no way McCain was going to win as he mealy mouthed his way through all issues, even admitted me did not possess the tools to handle the economic recession that had just befallen us on the eve of the 2008 election! What a fool! POW nad all of that? That was then. This is NOW! The two are not necessarily realted in any way shape or form. One and whatever one did to endure it, etc., does not automatically mean that McCain is entitled to the POTUS-ship!
Penn State reveres this man, Robeson everywhere. Right up there with Graham Spanier, the pervert! Oh, and by the way, I am a PSU 77 grad... Sometimes you just have to police your own house!
They're comin' for our chillins! They're out to get old people... Seriously, if you are a THINKING AMERICAN with any sense of self respect, you do not fall for such abject LIES. This sort of firebombing is meant for the herded together masses. When said bomb is thrown it lands right in the middle of such numbnutzed groups who then emotionally overreact to nothing but lying words. Mission complete, with nothing but a big lie!
When you herd any group together, like the left is wont to do and does, that group tends to stop behaving as thinking individuals and more like emotional animals. That is precisely why such disgusting charlatans like Charles Rangel (note that no matter what he does to help himself illegally to power and riches, he is excused by his sycophant followers) use these types of tactics to steer the herd of useful idiots. Do they fall for it this time? Rangel's and his ilks' continual success by filching the public, depends on such tactics of visceral emotional firestarting. Truth and facts be damned.
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