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Obamacare, Socialism, And Rick Perry’s Assumptions

ssoucek Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 5:10 PM
As a conservative, I have to ask--are our assumptions about the take over of our schools and college campuses by leftists wrong? Do we complain about the media being totally in the tank for Obama for no reason? Have we not hammered on the fact that our society is becoming more and more dependent on the government and how more people have a sense of entitlement, that society owes them something? We are not the same country we were in the past--and it's been slowly changing for decades b/c our schools, the media, and our government have literally been infiltrated by communist and socialist ideas. Obama used Alinsky and Chicago style tactics to absolutely demonize a good man, and it worked on low-information voters.
Michael160 Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 3:52 AM
Modern ideas. The universities have to teach their students modern ideas, modern science, they can't be teaching fairy tales from the 18th century or 2000 years ago. Modern developed states have safety nets, they have abortion, they try to avoid war, they are tolerant of alternative lifestyles and beliefs. There is no going back, history does not go in reverse.
Bill1014 Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 8:34 AM
Modern? another word for Progressie? If you don't like the STOP Sign now, do you opt not to Stop? If you think GREEN is a Bad Color, do you Stop and wait for Red? The Constitution, Stupid, is still the law of the land. Change the law--it's in the plan to do so. Buy-off Americans with Baubles and Beads...voters deserve other peoples' money. The Constitution was conceived to combat a strong, controlling central govt (King Geo III) and politicians have been watering it down in the last 100 years in the name of 'personal responsibility'? the name of buying votes.
And I'll put down my gun when they put down theirs. Renaissance--value of the individual--wasn't taught in the Middle East.

“The popular media narrative is that this country has shifted away from conservative ideals, as evidenced by the last two presidential elections. That’s what they think. That might be true if Republicans had actually nominated conservative candidates in 2008 and 2012.”

Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) drew applause with that line, as he spoke at last week’s “Conservative Political Action Conference’ (“CPAC”) in Maryland. And if there’s any sure-fire way to draw applause from a conservative audience in 2013, taking a swipe at both the media and the Republican Party is probably a good strategy.

Yet if there is...