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As a conservative, I have to ask--are our assumptions about the take over of our schools and college campuses by leftists wrong? Do we complain about the media being totally in the tank for Obama for no reason? Have we not hammered on the fact that our society is becoming more and more dependent on the government and how more people have a sense of entitlement, that society owes them something? We are not the same country we were in the past--and it's been slowly changing for decades b/c our schools, the media, and our government have literally been infiltrated by communist and socialist ideas. Obama used Alinsky and Chicago style tactics to absolutely demonize a good man, and it worked on low-information voters.
You can tell by her responses in this interview that she was dancing around the issue and never gave a straight answer. She was clearly bias, can't admit that she was dead wrong, and made it easier for the president to get away with Benghazi b/c she tried to throw Romney off (heck, she threw me off) by unexpectedly "fact-checking" him while he was trying to prove a point. I remember being dumb-founded, asking "what did she just say??" I was second-guessing myself, and thought, no, he didn't call it a terrorist attack, did he? Also Romney tried to point out Fast and Furious in the debate, but she cut him off and gave a pass to the president by moving on to another suject. but what else did I expect from the most corrupt media ever?
and yet because she is wealthy people will say "big deal, what does she have to worry about?" and for people that think that way I would say that you are ignorant, jealous, or both. Money is not the key to happiness in this life. The sooner you learn that, the better off you will be. If you want a government telling you how much money you can make and arguing that it's not enough for them to take half your money, then move to France.
please explain what lies you are referring to. proof please. I can't think of any lower campaign then accusing Romney of hating women, being a racist, hating the elderly, being a felon, being responsible for someone dying of cancer (and that ad had mostly false info in it--even CNN said it was mostly false and outrageous). so please tell me what equilvalent low accusations has Romney made about the president that are false?
"ease up..." NO--expose Obama for the lies he and his campaign is telling. Do not ease up. His response was perfect against irrational and low comment Biden made about Romney wanting to "put y'all back in chains!" this is not a typical democratic ticket. this is the lowest campaign I've ever seen in my entire life....accusations of tax evasion without any proof, accusations of being a felon, a murderer, a racist...how low can they go? they will go lower, I guarantee it.
wait, so when he fights back against lies and distortions and dispicable attacks, he's a crybaby? I thought you'd accuse him of being a bully....President Obama is the most thin-skinned President I've ever seen. He can't handle any reasonable critisism.
The economy was doing great until the democrats took over the house and the senate in 2006 and democrats did not listen to Bush who tried to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ...too many bad loans given out that were pushed on banks by the government telling them they had to give out loans to those who couldn't afford to pay them back. enter--housing market crash. not saying the banks are not to blame at all--but democrats share plenty of the blame.
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No Hope for Obama; It's Mitt Time

ssoucek Wrote: Jul 23, 2012 1:54 AM
I find it so odd that people like you believe the way you do and the only conclusion I can make is that you do not really research the candidates very well. I researched, Gingrich, Romney, Paul, and Santorum thoroughly and found that Gingrich was actually very progressive with some of his stances in the past. He's great at giving a conservative speech, but I found out a TON of stuff on him that I didn't like. I was between Santorum and Romney towards the end. Gingrich totally distored things about MR. Romney is WAY more conservative than Obama, by a long shot. heck, Bill Clinton doesn't scare me, although I disagree with him politically. Obama--yeah, he scares me. He's somewhere between a socialist and a communist. Mitt is a capitalist
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