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And I still hear these libs scream about having to answer questions on Benghazi, saying they have answered all questions. Are you freaking kidding me? Lets start with who gave the order to stand down. Then, who blamed the attack on that video. I have never heard one single word about answering these questions. If the lame stream press was doing their job they would be pressing about these-instead, it's only FOX news, as usual.
You can look to Harry Reid for blocking anything the House has sent over-refusing to even take a vote on it. Let's keep it real.
Rush had the cahonies to come out and say he wanted Obamas policies to fail-and he got ripped for it. Well, needless to say he was right as usual.
Because this really does go all the way to the top, and the dems are gonna fight it with everything they have to protect their fake in chief. Hence all o0f the continues lies about lost emails-and those must be pretty incriminating!
Ya gotta love this outcome-makes one feel there is still some hope.
Correct, but he can be voted out next year. Let's hope that happens.
That is exactly what has to be done!
I think the memo hits it square on the head. Boehner is such a weak sister-he might as well be Obamas lap dog. The Republicans must remove him and put someone with a set who will stand up for conservative principles-something Boehner has never done.
It sure didn't take very long. Must have black mailed him like they did Justice John Roberts.
Question of the day-how do you know Obama is lying? His lips are moving. This fake in chief simply cannot and will not tell the truth-period.
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