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Typical Obama-ite useful idiot. No brain and no clue.
It's about time someone challenged this wanna be dictator. He has changed Obama Care so many times it should simply be totally dis-guarded. Should have never passed in the first place.
You have to wonder about the 36% who said he has been honest on Benghazi. They come out blaming a video even though they were able to see the attacks in real time-as well as getting ground reports as to who was doing the attacking. The old saying "to thine own self be true" certainly applies here. People who will not acknowledge the truth simply to support a party line do not have this country's best interest at heart. They'd probably follow the fake in chief right over a cliff-which is exactly where we are heading. It's a sad state of affairs-but welcome to the world of liberalism.
As soon as this idiot made the comment about not leaving an American behind he should have been immediately asked about turning their backs on the four Americans at Benghazi. My blood boils when I hear this ridiculous rant-and BTW, this deserter had renounced his citizenship and joined the Talaban-facts this administration refuses to acknowledge.
There is simply no way of fixing stupid-which is exactly what this woman is. She doesn't know when to shut up-just keeps digging a deeper hole. And I hope they bury her in it.
I'd still take Nixon over the current fake in chief any day!
That's because we have an enemy of the state running our Country!
Even liberal MSN blasted and exposed his lies! It's about time someone else did. If this fake in chief lips are moving he is spouting more lies!
This is a total crock! The NAACP has no business doing this and the law does not exclude them from being inside 100 feet of the polling stations. I think this needs to be fully investagated-these people are not above the law.
Even my moderate and lib friends are turning away. Some are even voting for the entire Republican ticket. The others will simply not vote. The bloom is off the rose, so to speak. People see Obummer for exactly what and who he is-the democrates have become the far left party of special interest groups and entitlement seekers. I believe we will see a massive turn out in November to remove this fake from the WH.
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