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All we have to do is to deport them immediately-that will get their attention and end this nonsense.
Ok, so we have gotten the truth. But when will this jerk be held accountable?
Just exactly where does abuse of power come into play and this sorry fake in chief be held accountable for his actions? Doesn't this constitute a treasonous act? I believe it's called failure to execute his oath of office. What a sorry scumbag this Kenyan is.
My friend just got his Blue Cross plan cancelled and the replacement is $350 more a month in premiums and twice the deductible. Yea, it's working alright.
I understand half of those signed up are illegals-go figure! It's a disaster in the making-period.
Three of the five have already returned to the battlefield to kill Americans. And the fake in chief sits on his thumb while this Marine is tortured. What did he say about leaving no American behind? Liar!
With the job Scott Walker has done I am very surprised to see the polls that close. I would think the folks in Wisconsin should support him in mass.
If he had not lied he never would have been re-elected. Just another in a long line of scandals for this administration.
And I still hear these libs scream about having to answer questions on Benghazi, saying they have answered all questions. Are you freaking kidding me? Lets start with who gave the order to stand down. Then, who blamed the attack on that video. I have never heard one single word about answering these questions. If the lame stream press was doing their job they would be pressing about these-instead, it's only FOX news, as usual.
You can look to Harry Reid for blocking anything the House has sent over-refusing to even take a vote on it. Let's keep it real.
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