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Ya gotta love this outcome-makes one feel there is still some hope.
Correct, but he can be voted out next year. Let's hope that happens.
That is exactly what has to be done!
I think the memo hits it square on the head. Boehner is such a weak sister-he might as well be Obamas lap dog. The Republicans must remove him and put someone with a set who will stand up for conservative principles-something Boehner has never done.
It sure didn't take very long. Must have black mailed him like they did Justice John Roberts.
Question of the day-how do you know Obama is lying? His lips are moving. This fake in chief simply cannot and will not tell the truth-period.
They're gonna ride this horse to death! Guess they figured it worked before. Only the sheep will by this stuff.
We need to make a strong statement to the Mexican government to shut their own borders down and stop this from happening or else face serious consequences. Think they are not part of this plan with Obama? Well, better think again.
Reports are coming in that 75% of these "children" are between 14 and 17 years old. And MS-13 is having a field day with them-using the free phones to recruit them. We have lost our freaking minds to allow this to happen. All orchestrated by the fake in chief himself.
Directly out of the book Rules for Radicals.
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