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Laughable ignorant answer my man. The Texas southern border with Mexico is the border for our COUNTRY. The Feds and your boy Barry are responsible for its security. Having said that, I believe Texas IS doing something about it. They've appropriated money and are sending enforcement officials down to the border. What's your guy done? Nothing! You guys want new voters for your utopia society you socialists have dreamed about for decades. Funny how you have no problem getting in bed with corporatists to get it, though. Hypocrisy at its finest!
Throw them all in jail until the e-mails are produced. Its that simple. Time for the Repubs to grow a set!!! All this proves is that the IRS is nothing but a pack of activist libs who think they can do whatever they want. Nixon foolishly tried to use them to get his opponents. Now we know why he wasn't successful. Only libs get that privilege. Nixon had his 18 minutes. Obama has his lost e-mails... Nixon was going to be impeached for the cover up for the Watergate break in and his subsequent attempts to use government against his opponents. Obama should be impeached for the same reasons. Only his are far more egregious and numerous. The difference is the Republicans back then saw that wrong was wrong. Today's Democrats are a FAR different animal. They're all about power and control, so the ends justify the means. Maybe the difference too is that Repubs today don't have it in them to do what should be done. They should've had select committee hearings on national TV, just like they did for Nixon, Reagan, etc...
Anyone who works in IT knows this is all BS. Anyone who works in the government knows this is BS. Anyone who works in both knows it's absolutely absurd!!! I used to work for the Missile Defense Agency as a Security Engineer and I can tell you all those e-mails are stored on servers, not their personal work machines. Those servers are backed up and the data replicated to other sites regularly. If they really are "lost" then it was a concerted effort to do so. An IT person would NEVER do that, unless someone threatened them and ordered them to do it. That's called conspiracy!!! Fire all IRS employees involved! They've abused their positions and they've broken the trust with the public (their employers)!
BTW...I work in IT. They "lost" those e-mail my a$$! Email is stored on the servers. Those are backed up all the time. It's the law. They're just lying to save some Senior WH figure's butt!!!
Then implement a flat tax so 99% of the IRS isn't needed anymore. Let them all start looking for jobs just like everyone else!
Fire all government officials/employees that were involved. No pensions...no benefits. Period! They abused their positions. Then get to the bottom of the mess via legal actions. Throw them ALL in jail if they won't tell the truth!!!
I usually agree with Mr. Kudlow, but not this time. If his idea of immigration reform is to allow more foreign graduates/entrepreneurs stay and open up businesses, then that's fine. If it means allowing companies like HP, Facebook, etc.. to lay off American engineers and then cry they don't have enough qualified people, then he's out of his flipping mind! No more cheap uneducated labor too! The American people have been bamboozled and lied to for nearly 50 years on this subject. That strangely coincides with stagnating wages for the same period of time! Secure the border! Build the fence! Then we can start talking about what we want to do with our immigration system. Period!
Well done Derek! A written statement quietly released would have sufficed. But that wouldn't have help him play Houdini on the MSM. You're EXACTLY right about this being a distraction. The written statement route wouldn't have done that. So embellish, lie, and twist everything to distract everyone. Fortunately for us the rest of Bergdahl's platoon couldn't stand for all their BS!
This guy's a real piece of work... He ought to get in contact with all these "psychopaths". They can obviously coordinate their "plan" over thousands of miles far better than the WH appears to be able to do.
Pearls of wisdom from someone who's never served. Brilliant. Give one example that would give the military any semblance of a reason to vote for Democrats!
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