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I think b_niles brings up something very interesting. When you say debate the reasons later, that is what the Obama Admin is counting on. The are thinking most of their voters will NOT found out why there may be a gender gap. Once they hear it on CNN or MSNBC that's it. They won't need any clarification. That is what is wrong wth our voting population today. Educated voters are few and far between.
We can debate reasons later? huh??? Teenagers get paid less than adults. That's a fact. We can debate the reasons later....do you see how that sounds? If there are more men in higher paying jobs THAT should be included in the results. If single women are paid more than men THAT should be included in the results. Right??? It is SO obvious that this is not black and white.
However, Sylvester says that if you control for all factors, the pay gap shrinks to approximately 5 cents more for men than for women. “It is still there, it is still real and the truth is men make more than women,” Sylvester concluded. (SO $.05...WOW...THIS IS THE STORY YOU MULTI REPLIED TO THIS SITE AS EVIDENCE??? TRY AGAIN.)
UNEXPLAINED. “So the bottom line, though. If men and women worked the exact same job, do women still only earn 77 cents on the dollar,” asked Blitzer. (OKAY WE'RE REALLY ABOUT TO GET THE ANSWER, RIGHT?) “There is definitely a gap,” said Sylvester. “But there are all kinds of other control factors. What college somebody went to. What region of the country. Whether you’re talking about salaried workers or part-time workers. The average full-time workers, the difference in pay is 77 cents on the dollar.” (SO NONE OF THE FACT0ORS HAVE TO DO WITH GENDER???)
Some excerpts from your "CNN" link: “Castellanos makes two points: that men make more because they work more and they go into professions that pay higher salaries,” says Sylvester. “But data directly from the Census Bureau shows there is a pay gap and it’s real.” (OKAY WE'RE ABOUT TO GET CNNs TRUE ANSWER OF WHY THERE IS A GENDER GAP, RIGHT?) Maatz concedes that, following a regression analysis that takes into account the issues that Castellanos raised on Meet The Press, the gender pay gap does shrink. However, she says there is still a gap and therein lies the problem because it is unexplained. (SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT....HE GIVES THE REASON WHY THERE REALLY ISN'T A GAP AND CNN PRETTY MUCH AGREES BUT STILL SAYS IT'S...
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