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You're a moron. Plain and simple. I wish I could be more polite, but I can't. YOU SUCK!!
Thanks! How do we block them?
Like you, I am evangelical and recognize the LDS teachings as not being compatible with Christianity. Regarding conversion, that is his decision and not yours or mine to make on his behalf. I hope things work out for you professionally. I remember when I was your age I sympathized with your point of view until I read more Locke, DeTocqueville and others. That coupled with paying taxes in the real world solidified my belief in conservatism. If I were you, go read mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny. It will open your eyes. Best wishes!
You mean the half-empty arena in Columbus? LOL!!
No, it isn't that simple. If it was, it wouldn't be tied.
That is a rolling average of a number of polls that have questionable metrics in regards to oversampling. In other words, they take over-weighted D+ polls and average them and report.
He doesn't. I stopped reading after the first sentence.
Paulbot alert! Paulbot alert! Paulbot alert! Paulbot alert! Paulbot alert! Paulbot alert! Paulbot alert!
I wouldn't put much stock in a European gambling site. There is a lot of money for them to make if Romney wins, don't forget. Paraphrasing an old saying: "To be successful watch what people do and do the opposite."
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