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Background: 38 years in career, 23 years as an entrepreneur. Started four businesses, three did fine, one failed miserably. Business psychologist by education, to Master's level. Founded private equity firm (small) that has a 28% IRR since inception in 2006, focusing on long-term view of building profitable businesses that create middle class careers in the process. Do not get paid for my opinions in my weekly column.
Exactly the point. Thank you.
Wow. I guess I generated a lot of activity. Read the full article at www.sddt.com. I'm not a paid journalist. I'm not a liberal or a conservative, whatever those are intended to mean these days. I am a libertarian. I just haven't found anyone yet who is a public libertarian figure without personal financial interests involved. And I respect the facts that Mitchell provided, equal to my own research on the sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in in the U.S., brought to us by every Congress since the Clinton White House (not that he's a paragon of virtue either). I'm just really skeptical these days. If that elicits name-calling and anger in this "Town Hall", we're in worse shape than I thought.
I'm not a liberal, for the record. I'm a skeptic, of every person from every party that stands in front of a crowd and presents a viewpoint, especially if they are paid to do so, no matter what the amount. I'm an unpaid journalist, personally.
Please see my full article at www.sddt.com. I hope my status as a moron improves in your view a tiny bit.
Mitchell did not print my full article. I believe in the ideals of libertarianism. I don't subscribe to the idea of bigger government. I'm just skeptical of being told a story by someone who's paid to tell me a story. Skeptical, not antagonistic. I do research the "left" view as well, and find just as many self-serving, extreme opinions as on the "right". I just wish there was a party that really did act on the ideals of liberty, small government and free markets. Haven't seen it yet...
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