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Seriously, Ru Paul would hate being fat. His drag queen outfits wouldn't look nearly as cute.
And sunshine, soil, water, germination, reproduction - (sex).
Maybe it's a down low vacation. http://righttruth.typepad.com/right_truth/2012/10/rev-jeremiah-wright-down-low-club-dating-service.html
We could only hope. OMG what an interesting divorce that would be. Michelle turning on Barry would be fun to watch.
Urban dictionary Dime bagged - To go on and on about an extremely overated subject. Dime baggery - A sentence that makes your jaw drop from the sheer stupidity and/or incredibly vulgar statement or story. Dimebar- An idiot or stupid person with no common sense. Now we have DimeBarry. I think I finally get it!
Barry says mandatory pre school for little kids. Michelle says cut back on how much you feed them when they are there. Dr Carson said his momma got him to read even when she was unable to read to him and worked 3 jobs to feed him. Who's logic works better for you? Big gov't making you send your kids to someone else to teach them the joy of reading and what to feed them? Or mom's and dad's setting their kids on their laps and reading to them, and having a good wholesome supper. I vote for us being able to do it Ourselves. The problem with trying to slap those two morons is they are also trying to swallow your arm and your leg at the same time.
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