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Glad you saw the light about processed foods, but really, there are kids who have trouble eating...more and more of them, unfortunately. Jeeves is trying. Plenty don't. Kids can't always eat what you're serving (in our case, vomiting a lot which has its own health risks). Good job switching to healthier foods, but you shouldn't have accused Jeeves of bad parenting. Maybe I just recognized the attempts in Jeeves' story, since I know what that's like.
Really? Wow. I guess you have never encountered "The picky child." I have one who will eat anything, and another who won't. He would try, but literally vomit over most foods. It took 12 years of hard work to get him eating a semblance of a healthy diet, and another 4 to embrace truly healthy eating. In the mean time, if they'd tried to feed him hummus and black beans for lunch, they would have had daily puke mopping & a starving, non-functioning child on their hands. Get off your high horse...I had to make 2 different breakfasts, pack lunches, and 2 different dinners every day. You think jreeves isn't trying harder than most people to get her kid to eat healthy foods?? YOU had it easy, and now act sanctimonious about being handed good eater
Are you kidding? He GREW the authority of the US Dept of Ed
Not that I condone your nastiness, but hasn't he skipped all UN meetings this year?
Why even have desserts, except maybe once a week? I never got that. I packed lunches, and "dessert" was a piece of fruit, and part of the meal...not something to be rewarded at the end of the meal.
Just don't buy junk food! That doesn't mean you can't eat normal food that isn't "foodie" inspired.
????supermarket reform? This is a new one to me.
Maybe we'll have to show grocery receipts or face paying more in premiums. Oh lordy, I shouldn't give them ideas.
I just spent $60 at the farm market, so it's not like we don't eat a lot of fresh produce...and my kids would never eat hummus and black bean salads. Why doesn't everyone just start packing a lunch again?
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