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Obamacare's Fraudulent Incentives

SSA1 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 3:13 PM
This is exactly what happens when you pass abill before you know what's in it.
I have to reallyquestion the demographics of this poll. Only 8% thought peanut carter was the worst? Really?
Guess the news boy just couldn't handle keeping up with all of the lies anymore. Good riddence.
Not only does he break promises and lies, he is the best spy for our enemies. As a matter of fact, the taliban doesn't need spies, all they have to do is listen to our incompetent in chief. Not only does he tell them we're leaving, hetells them when, how many are going, howmany are staying, where they will be, and what their duties are. WOW, thanks mr. pres. Why don't you just go in and shoot them for them.
Of course, any reasonable, thinking, American would. Did anyone else think that picture of hillary resembles Dr. Evil in drag?
Sorry nance, but to quote obozo,"Elections have consequences." You never had equally divided committees when you were speaker. Why should we? Get smarmy harry to equalize all senate committees and we might consider it.
Just cancel moochelle, they don't want to listen to your self agrandizing lies anyway.
This is exactly the reason that I have stopped all support of the rnc. They continue to support such senile rinosaurus candidates such as mccain. When they come back to reality and their senses and support viable and realistic conservative candidates, I will consider renewing my support.
Quit kidding yourself john. Those who show up at your rallies may support you, but their numbers are dwindling rapidly. Admit it, your days are numbered.
Sounds like she has the same biographers as barry. Loose with the facts, heavy with the bogus agrandizement.
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