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My brats eat what they are given without complaint or they go hungry. It's called discipline. Nully, you have to get a job before you can pay taxes. That might be hard for you to do.
Durty for the win! Nothing like a bunch of people who say they hate government relying on government to feed and educate their kids. LOL!
I'm sure you're an underwear model.
You can send your kid to private school or send him off to public school with all the Ding Dongs your little Butterball can cram down his gullet.
Then put them in private school and quit getting free, subsidized education you freeloader.
When you were a kid, there was probably one fat kid in your entire class. Today more than a third of all school-age children are obese according to the CDC. I'm more interested in "dealing with that."
That makes about as much sense as a liberal that says if a Christian isn't perfect, he's a hypocrite.
Ahhhh man! You figured out it was me? Dang! You must of gone to public school. You are a smart one.
Well moron, usually people go to school to learn, and I don't think many 8-year-olds know how to feed themselves properly or have the self-control to do so if given a choice. That's sort of the whole point.
Quit looking for a govt handout and feed your own kid, freeloader. Why are you deferring to the gov to feed your kid?
Exactly Nully. You just proved my point. You got what you wished for, so quit crying.
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