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and pay for Empress Michelle's luxury vacations knowing how many Americans are in poverty and without jobs now costing millions upon millions of our tax dollars. The Obama followers are naive and dangerous.
My 4 year old grandson has better ideas and judgment. The real problem is clearly pointed out in the well documented movie, 2016. Obama is not living his dream - he is living his father's, a Muslim, dream to punish colonialists, the worst of whom are Americans, for getting rich by stealing the resources of poor countries, and his dream is about to come true and will if he is re-elected. We must elect people who care about this country to both houses of Congress, so, if we lose the Whitehouse, Congress can stop him. The average working person does not have time to do the research, but I believe that in their hearts they know that something is terribly wrong. This man is not the historical Democrat/Liberal. It is like we have taken...
Sad but true.
I have to agree.
You are soooooo right.
If he made sense, he would be a conservative. Good post.
None - that's why they are willing to sell their souls with lies and deception to try to keep the focus off Obama and his failures - domestic and foreign.
I love people who do their research instead of depending on the media, political ads, and shiny mailers. Good post.
His kind of ignorance and vitriol is as dangerous as the terrorists.
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