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The 10 Most Cringe Worthy Parts of NYMag’s Glowing Hillary Profile

squiddy Wrote: Sep 23, 2013 4:03 PM
Forget President, she could make much more money, and have much more power, hawking whatever magical procedure she used to remove 30 years from her face and neck. She's yet another of those mystifying creations of the media - she's really one of the most overrated politicians, ever - and looking at the barnyard of absurdities that currently fit that description (such as Nancy Pelosi, pictured in the margin as I type), that's saying a lot. She has the leadership qualities and the personal magnetism of the Wicked Witch of the West, or a badger with hemorrhoids. But given the carefully-aligned grievance groups the Democrat party has selected - and to a large extent, built - (do you really think all those enrollees in government benefits programs under Obama is an accident?) - she'll likely win. And the US's long, slow decline will continue ...