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Yeah, I remember those days - even when traveling under orders, when travel in civilian clothing wasn't authorized, I recall usually being told, I could disregard, that I could and probably should travel in civilian clothing, to avoid potential harassment and the usual back-handed treatment we usually got as soldiers. I never got harrassed or anything like that, but people generally treated you differently, and worse, if you were obviously military. Forgive the dwelling on the negative, I'm proud of people like Ms. Adams, my sincere thanks to her and those like her. There's a saying "Integrity is what you do when no one's watching" - it wasn't a photo op, something arranged by her publicist, just the act of a generous and good-hearted soul. We need more people, and more stories like ...
I really don't get the animosity towards soccer so many show. If you don't like it, don't watch, simple enough. Take your favorite sport, whatever it is, and try to explain to someone else who's never seen it before, the rules, what makes it great, what makes you feel passionate about it. Good luck with that - chances are, the person won't understand, they won't get it. I love baseball, played it my entire life - trying to explain my love of the game to someone from another country only earns me puzzled looks. There are lot of people who are passionate about soccer in this country, and a lot that aren't - don't see the need for the animosity. I think the one thing that soccer fans in this country regret with regards to the sport's lack of popularity is the lack of top-tier talent. We look at gifted athletes who play basketball or football, but who are only 5'11", and so end their careers in high school or college, knowing these same guys, if they'd committed to soccer their entire lives, the way they committed to basketball or football, might've been the next Messi.
The next shoe to drop - how many other "referrals to exam" were made by Lerner? Time to audit the audit books - how many people have been audited based on politically-motivated "suggestions" like this?
So, um, where's the Congressional Approval for the use of force in Libya? Must have missed that ... I don't understand the Senator's point, anyway - you don't think the President has the authority to send 300 military advisers to a country? (Of course he does.) Did the President ask for approval for military action? (No.) Is the President contemplating military intervention (No, he's thinking about the NBA draft and his next round of golf.) What's immoral is being so eager to make a political point ("I ended the war in Iraq!") that you'd leave without even a Status Of Forces Agreement. What's immoral is to waste the sacrifice of thousands of American soldiers, and to allow the slaughter of thousands of Iraqis, to allow our weapons to fall into the hands of terrorists, and allow those terrorists to topple a state and create a terrorist state - *that's* immoral. The President really doesn't seem to understand cause and effect - he's about the most short-sighted President I've ever seen ...
Of course, his statement is useful to his own purposes as well, as he can claim "See, I can be fair and balanced, too, I'm not left-wing ideologue, I call 'em as I see 'em." So, now he can make 1,000 more negative statements about the Koch's while claiming he's objective, and point back to this one. Maybe next time, he can recuperate at a hospital wing funded by Soros or P-Diddy or Tom Steyr ... Of course, in fairness, Bloomberg and Geffen have contributed substantial amounts of money to hospitals (Johns Hopkins and UCLA, respectively), which means I'm no right-wing ideologue, and can objectively point out what a disaster the Obama Presidency has been ... See how that works?
Would this (flagging a patient record and denying medical care) even be legal in private healthcare? Sounds to me like the VA is violating the Hippocratic Oath. It's possible the VA may possess some unique capabilities and specialties not easily replicated in private practice - for example, PTSD and TBI specialty care. Take what works and what's needed - like the above - and shutdown/sell-off the rest. Issue insurance cards (Medicaid or just buy them commercial insurance coverage, with co-insurance/co-pays equal to that provided by the VA ) to vets for routine care This isn't about saving money - nor should it be. The VA has demonstrated horrendous inefficiency with the resources they've been given. Throwing more money at the VA won't fix this. The problem here is people will get bored with the story, the government will say they're making reports (again), and everyone will forget about it - and nothing will chance. Dems don't want to shutdown the VA because they don't want to undermine their treasured notion of single-payer, while Repubs don't seem to want to do anything because, well, I don't know. The country made a promise to the vets, and it's time to keep them.
Does anyone know why you'd post a year-old story from Alan Colmes that's been overcome by events?
Oh, yeah, it was the "IRS" that paid that $50,000 settlement ... Actually, we paid for it, the taxpayers, the "IRS" didn't suffer a bit. And the person(s) who did it seems to have gotten away with it - what was *their* punishment? How about providing that info? The name(s) and punishments of those who leaked the info would be a start. What's that? They have *privacy* rights??? Unlike, apparently, donors to political organizations with whom this administration has a problem ...
Whether Democratic monkeys wrenching or something else, this should serve as a warning to the out-of-touch Republican leadership - if you won't stand up for the principles your constituents demand of you, we'll bloody well find someone who will.
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Income Gap Wider in Blue States

squiddy Wrote: Jun 09, 2014 11:10 PM
For god's sake, don't tell liberals that - so many have already fled their liberal utopias of NY, NJ, CA for Red states - and bringing their toxic politics with them, that they're already infecting Red states with the same politics and policies that made them flee in the first place. Need to build a fence around those places ...
Well, then you'd know the poor and destitute already *get* Medicaid - this is about *expansion* of the program. And the reason many of us are irritated is found in your own question - who pays for it? I have news for you - many of us in the middle-class aren't that financially secure. We pay for *everything* - from ungodly taxes (my combined tax burden is 39% of my salary) , to full-pay college tuitions, to unsubsidized health insurance, food, shelter. Many of my neighbors don't work at all, are "disabled" (ha!), on Medicaid, housing assistance, and should the time come , their children would go to college nearly free. I'm the one financially insecure - they have the government to pay their way the rest of their non-working lives. If *I* lose my job, I could lose everything. It's pretty sad when so many people who've not held a job in their lives have the same or better standard of living than someone who works full-time.
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