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I know you're a troll and don't believe the tripe you write - but bear in mind, this is actually increasing the "right wing population" - I've seen many liberals turn conservative once they've seen their neighborhoods disintegrate - more and more will vote Conservative as they lose their jobs and standard of living, and they see illegals consuming resources that could be directed towards actual US citizens, many of whom could use the housing, money, medical care, and educational resources these invaders consume. The backlash is building, and you'll see the Dems lost control of the Senate this election cycle. And Repubs that sell out to the COC will soon be on the streets themselves.
Be for real - here in Northern VA we've been overrun by illegals, and their illegal children for years. In fact, they absolutely devastated an entire community a few years back when "no doc" loans were all the rage - illegals 'bought' houses, then used them as boarding houses for illegals who paid in cash for a place to sleep, and never paid their mortgage. They just collected rents until the places were foreclosed on a year down the road. They never paid for trash service, either, and often had no water or electricity. The residents often used buckets as toilets, and threw their trash in their backyards. A house on the corner of my block was bought at a lien auction, and the guy who took it over found it overrun with garbage, roaches, mattresses piled in every room, and even found the garden shed had two mattresses and a bucket of urine. All over our previously nice suburb, rats and other vermin flourished, and housing prices plummeted as people sought escape from the filth the invaders brought. An entire community was overrun by criminal aliens - not "criminal" just because they're here illegally, criminal because they were sexual predators, rapists, muggers, gang members, and so on. Crime soared. After the housing crash, and most of these boarding houses were repossessed, things got better for awhile. However, I see three reports of young girls being sexually harassed and assaulted on the streets by hispanic males this past weekend - looks like they're "back" (in reality, many never left, just the worst of them moved on.) Thanks, feral government. I'd like to punch you collectively in the face. Anyway, coming soon to your neighborhood - I wish they'd move to McLean and Great Falls, Bethesda and Georgetown, where the government officials and Congressman/Senators live. Let them have a taste of the medicine they've forced on us for years.
A quick read tells me that Dr. Brantly has been on mission trips to Liberia, Uganda, Tanzania, Haiti, Honduras, and Nicaragua - his history of service didn't begin with Ebola, and there's nothing to indicate he was seeking aggrandizement or self-interest here - I can think about 10m different ways of achieving notoriety than going to Liberia to treat one of the planet's most terrifying diseases, and then "hope" to catch it to get a little press. She explicitly and repeatedly criticized him and others for volunteering to serve humanity in overseas rather than doing it here, that in so doing, demonstrated they only serving their own self-interests, that there's plenty enough here to do. I guarantee than any US-trained doctor has spent thousands of hours volunteering in the US - if she's going to criticize, let's see how many thousands of hours she's spent volunteering and serving the poor, and diseased in America, with no photographer, publicist, and bodyguard standing by. Surely a great humanitarian like her, who thinks she has the standing to criticize other people's generosity, must surely have a long record of service, right? Talk about casting the first stone ...
In America, medical care is always available, whether you can afford it or not. You can go to the nearest emergency room or urgent care center, or homeless shelter or similar - my daughter is a doctor, and her hospital sends doctors to different homeless shelters at least once a week to care for the indigent. It's available if you want it. If you're in remote parts of Africa and you need medical care, where does an African go? Walk 200 miles to the nearest big city, to get treatment for a broken leg? Dr Brantly could certainly do good in America and provide medical care for free, with supplies donated by hospitals, etc. But where will he do the *most* good, here in the US, where we have 2.5 doctors per 1000? Or Liberia, where they have effectively "zero?" I'm sick of this kind of moral relativism - "How can you give to African Relief or Feed the Children when there are hungry children in America?" How can you donate to "Homes for Troops " or the "Fisher House" when there are starving children in Africa? "How can you give to St. Judes to save kids with cancer when the same money can save more kids that have a chance?" "How can you give to the World Wildlife Federation when there are actual human beings that need help? It never, ever ends, as our so-called moral superiors instruct us on how whatever we is wrong, and not enough. To all of you, including you, Ann, you know what? I'll give time and money to the causes I believe in, and if you don't like it, you can just stuff yourself. I won't criticize how you spend your life and resources - please show me the same respect. And I'm sure Dr. Brantly would say the same. We can't boil the ocean - we all do what we can, and it's *our* choice, not yours.
Well, heck, if Central America is such a paradise, why aren't Americans illegally immigrating *there*? Why are they coming here?? Save it - my local elementary school is 73% non-English speaking, with a similar number on free lunch. Lice, TB, malaria, hepatitis, measles and bedbugs, have all been found among illegal aliens in this neighborhood, and those are just the ones I know about. Not to mention hundreds of MS-13 members. You're welcome to them all.
Oh, boo hoo, poor Hagan has only raised $16.7m, compared to Tillis'$4.7m. And what's all this money she got from those "Dark Money" PACs like "Patriot Priorities USA" (love how they hijack a Tea Party name) - who don't disclose donors - while we don't know who wrote those checks, I guarantee she does. Who's buying our Senators?
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The New York Times's Amnesty Lies

squiddy Wrote: Aug 11, 2014 11:47 AM
The Times are merely parroting the Admin's latest talking point - we've had six years of these water carriers doing precisely that - Obama feeds the "news" media with the latest strategy or issue, then the "news" media runs a bunch of stories that create the issue, then the admin acts on their self-created issue - they must really think we're stupid. The latest is since the Congress "failed to act", he can act in spite of the Congress. Never mind Senate obstructionism, the Congress failing to do something he wants to do has never been an excuse for the President to act unilaterally. If the Congress failed to pass a bill that suspends the Constitution and declares martial law, that's hardly a mandate for the President to do it himself. You want "change", Mr. President? How about enforcing the laws of the land that already exist? Now *that* would be something new ...
Here's what I don't understand - we have many showing their outrage, disgust, and hatred for Israel for what's happened in the Gaza strip, calling it "genocide", and may, irrationally, comparing Israel to Nazi Germany (stupifyingly, some even claiming Israel is worse than the Nazi's and the holocaust.) Yet they remain absolutely dumb-struck silent over an *actual* genocide taking place in Iraq, particularly, and state-sanctioned pogroms in many other muslim countries against non-muslims, especially Christians. Why the huge disparity - rage against Israel, but silence about Boko Haram, ISIL, Islamic Jihad, etc, etc? And why are so media outlets similarly silent about it? I know everyone wants to bend over backwards to be accepting of Islam, and say how it's a religion of peace, and how most muslims want to live and let live, and so on. But there is a huge and ever-growing segment of islam that's committed to genocide - not just in words, but in deeds, and are carrying it out in front of our very eyes. And *still* we say nothing ... Islam is at war with the non-Islamic world - how much longer will we pretend they aren't?
OK, I can't stand it anymore -- it's b-o-r-d-e-r not b-o-a-r-d-e-r.
This "plan" as described by Root sounds like the ravings of a conspiracy-theory nut-job ... And yet is, as an explanation, the one most consistent with the facts. I've asked myself repeatedly for an explanation of this President's actions (and lack thereof) wrt this fiasco - could he *really* be this incompetent? No, there's no way. So, then he must be doing it deliberately, which begs the question "why?". What could motivate him to import such staggering numbers of uneducated 3rd world poverty cases? What rational reason would be be importing millions of future permanent dependents who'll be a massive economic and sociological drag on our society? Why the large-scale importation of poverty? What could possibly be the motive? Root's proposition makes as much sense as any ...
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