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Why Michigan Matters

sqrt(cos(180)) Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 12:34 AM
Unions didn't improve workers lives so much as the changing times improved workers lives at the same time unions bullied and battered their way into controlling the lives (and income) of some workers. It's pretty much the same "reason" that Clinton's tax hike "improved" the economy in the mid-'90's--it was going to happen no matter what that schmuck did.

Watching the reaction of some union members you would have thought a mass murder had occurred in the state of Michigan. But what simply happened was a law was changed that exists in 23 others states and may soon be enacted in others. Right-to-work laws makes sense and it is as clear as the sky on a cloudless summer day.

The unions are particularly outraged about the turn of events in Michigan because they had just attempted a power play of their own during the November 6th election. They tried to ensconce in the state constitution their right to collective bargaining...