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The Ghosts of Jimmy Carter

sqrt(cos(180)) Wrote: Sep 23, 2012 8:42 PM
Some questions: how did little Jiminy Cricket "track down" the person who took the video when the video wasn't published until he "tracked [it] down?" Did he get a list of the attendees and call each one to ask if they took any incriminating videos? Since this was a fund-raising event where people paid money to hear things they probably already agree with, who would take that video, and turn it over to a political hack who's gunning for the candidate they just paid money to hear? Cannot the political hacks just admit they paid thousands of dollars to attend a fund-raiser and secretly tape then edit video to exploit for political purposes? Can they not admit they decried the secret taping of ACORN and Planned Parenthood yet do the same?
WodenofAzgard Wrote: Sep 23, 2012 10:12 PM
Cannot you do some research and find out for yourself why you're wrong?

One of the more piquant details in the tale of Mitt Romney's damning "47 percent" video is that it was unearthed online by James Earl Carter IV, a grandson and namesake of the 39th president. The self-described "oppo researcher [and] political junkie" told NBC News that he tracked down the person who recorded Romney's remarks at a May fundraiser, then put him in touch with Mother Jones, the left-wing magazine that