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Most uninformed people can, once informed, change their minds due to the new information. Then, there's the "special kind of fool"; when they get new information, they wrack their brain attempting to shoehorn it into their current viewpoint. What we have here in Mr. Chapman is a very special kind of fool...from the Chicago Tribune no less!
Not "envirotards!" (Great name for them though, I love it!) These are PETA whackos.
Loved the consummate critical comment at the end..."Rent 'Gigli' instead." That speaks volumes.
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Petty Annoyances

sqrt(cos(180)) Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 11:51 PM
Excellent article Dr. Williams, but I would not be quick to dismiss Outlook as "inanimate"; I am not convinced that it is not a demonic entity. Save yourself Dr. Williams! Switch to Linux.
More like WE need to change Congress! Get rid of any who will not support defending our borders and yes, sending all illegals back across the border...broken families be damned.
Hopefully, it's morphed into Clinton vs Clinton.
Another fine Public Service Announcement from Always Propaganda!!! They even used "beleaguered" rather than the Piers Morgan-style "buggered." What a coup for journalistic excellence. /sarcasm
The "real story" is that MS-LSD probably thinks that if they fire Sharpton, they'll look like racists. The truth is, by _not_ firing him, the really look like racists.
No, that would be....unethical. Um. Er. Never mind.
"What is needed is the development of technologies to capture carbon dioxide and other elements that contribute to global warming." No need to develop new technology to capture carbon dioxide (CO2); God has already provided for this--it's called trees, in particular, the tropical rain forest. It's a sin that Brazil is burning it down (producing more CO2) to clear the land for development (including farms). So Brazil burns one huge answer to rising CO2 levels, while carping that the U.S. isn't a signatory to Kyoto protocols. Such hypocracy.
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