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As long as Benghazi is Hillary's Chappaquidock, I'll be a happy camper. I don't care what she does as long as she stays out of 1660 Pennsylvania.
I saw the ad today. It was quite effective; just a simple person speaking simply, utterly deviod of the obvious propaganda BS of the Democratic attack ads. I can understand why Peters wants to squash it. It makes him look like the idiot he is.
George Carlin had a routine where he railed against the term "kill". He would replace that four-letter word with another; note here Carlin was known for spewing F-bombs like Vesuvias spewed lava. The memorable like was, "We're going to you Sheriff, but we're going to you SLOW!" Now, substitute the word Sheriff with children. Nope, neither four-letter word works there either.
Anything, anything at all, to get him out of this country! Today, Henny Youngman would be saying, "Take my president, PLEASE!"
The losers said they were "dumbfounded." They really should have stopped after the "B". As Daniel points out, being against O'care is not being against health care, BUT, being FOR O'care is being for: murder of innocent babies in the womb. Not to mention, Jesus NEVER said it was OK to steal from Peter to give alms to Paul.
A Detroit Free Press article quote was left out: “We think it was unfortunate that there was outside influence,” said Gary Casteel, UAW regional director who led the unsuccessful campaign. Considering the union says that VW stayed out of the campaign, that statement means the union goons think they should be the only ones allowed to present their case to the workers. And the union goons say they think the WORKERS were the losers? ROTFLMAO!
Which can be very confusing, considering the close proximity to Hell, MI.
Reminds me of Jay Leno's "Jaywalkin'" series. Do you think we should change the old expression to "dumb as Democrats"?
My sister has been trying to get me to move to Oklahoma for the past few years (she's been there for some 30 years). Hearing this, I'd consider it more seriously; any state that would slap Piers Morgan so openly is all right by me! Added bonus...I'd be leaving Detroit!
Yes, that's the "Chicago Way."
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