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Watch the orginal movie "Red Dawn", or even the less-than-satisfying remake, to see a scenario of an armed citizenry defending itself. Sure, it's just a movie, but it is plausible considering the grit of those who own and regularly use rifles and pistols.
Only one comment so far...I think it's safe to say that NO ONE cares about Chris "The Tingling Leg" Matthews any more.
Unmentioned in the final blurb on the reboot of "Cosmos" was that the project was funded by Seth MacFarlane, comedian and creator of left-leaning animated show "Family Guy". Despite the quote from Dr. Tyson, he made several statements on the shows which demonstrate he is a proponent of AGW. Far from being an informative, science-based series, it was a paean to PC emotional propaganda--quite factual, but PC propaganda nonetheless.
Took me a couple of reads before I caught that "AP" stood for "advanced placement" rather than the better known news service, Always Propagandizing.
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'Do Nothing' Congress

sqrt(cos(180)) Wrote: Aug 06, 2014 12:18 AM
Amen. On today's Michigan ballot was an initiative to "repeal" a tax on business assets (to be "replaced" by allowing an "Authority" to figure out new means of taxing us differently--supposedly to be "revenue-neutral".) But it actually didn't repeal any law, instead it will "update" the existing law by replacing one phrase with another phrase, and so on, ad nauseum. I vote NO; just REPEAL the dang law if it's that bad, and stop passing laws stating an unelected, unanswerable "Authority" will regulate our new taxes. I want to look the blasted thieves in the eye when I vote them out of office!
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The Lie Behind DACA's Legal Defense

sqrt(cos(180)) Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 10:30 PM
What I saw was a couple of illegals attempting to flummox a conservative and failing miserably. They failed--refused actually--to answer any questions posed by Rep. King. King was asking probing questions and giving factual answers to every question posed him. The illegals blatantly lied about his positions, replied to all questions with a spume of emotional outbursts...rather like whiny 2-year olds having a screaming fit in public. Appalling.
I think it's eric who has the problem, not his "history"...Dewey would classify that as either fiction or fantasy, not history.
Why? And what "Plant" are you smoking?
I always enjoy Mr. Hawkins' lists. In case no one else has said it, "Robby The Robot", though making a guest appearance on "Lost In Space" (LIS), was not the character whose tag-line was "That does not compute!". The "family" robot in LIS was merely named "Robot." The "Robbie The Robot" character was the robot in "Fantastic Planet", a wonderful sci-fi flick starring Walter Pigeon and a very young Leslie Nielsen. The great tie-in to this article is that the theme of "Fantastic Planet" was the evil nature of Man, manifested in the Id.
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Stop the Fear Mongering

sqrt(cos(180)) Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 11:11 PM
"A few cases of flu, including one confirmed case of swine flu, and four of children who tested positive for TB have been found -- but the incidence in a population this large hardly suggests the danger of epidemics breaking out." Ms Chavez has become a silly goose. Hospitals are "dangerous places" because you put all the sick people together--all the while applying antiseptics quite liberally to reduce the chance of infection. Here at these detainee centers, who is sterilizing the facilities? No one. So you crowd people together, with a "few" initially sick with some very bad, highly-contagious diseases, and believe that absolutely no one else becomes infected too? And these "detainees" are being released to the general population of the U.S. as soon as ICE can get rid of them. The Administration has set up another health care crisis. "Period."
This entire stunt by protesters is just like the old days of Mayor Coleman Young, who played the race card at every turn, and always wanted the suburbs to pay for his city's extravagance and poor management.
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