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Loved the "Heinlein Act" comment. Bear in mind, "Starship Troopers" was written in 1959, 55 years ago. RAH was way ahead of his time.
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The Cop-Killing Cult of Larry Davis

sqrt(cos(180)) Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 11:03 PM
To paraphrase Sister Soulja, "Why don't we just take a day and say, 'F--k the criminals!'?"
You misspelled "predator". Sorry, the grammar nazi coming out in me.
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Why Did Disney Block God?

sqrt(cos(180)) Wrote: Dec 01, 2014 10:50 PM
I wonder if Disney was OK with thanking Allah, or Satan?
The setting for the ballet is Christmas Eve, where the family gathers to receive presents from the rich uncle. The Nutcracker itself is a Christmas present. The opening fantasy/dream sequence takes place in the family room in front of the Christmas tree. To say the ballet has nothing to do with Christmas is a statement as empty of truth as an Obama speech. But it in no way coerces anyone into accepting Christian faith. IOW, the setting is incidental to the ballet.
I would think that MSLSD would have in their contracts that their hosts must stay on their meds, at least for liability issues. I guess the network just does not care about the mental health of their hosts.
Actually, human beings could exercise a measure of global climate change; a nuclear war would do that, though probably little else than that would cause man-made global climate change of any consequence. Most people have no clue as to the massive amount of energy this planet receives from the Sun, or how very small that amount is as a percentage of the total output of the Sun. That includes (obviously) many "scientists."
I can't expect these "journalists" to remember their own lies or keep them straight--they don't have the brain power.
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Why I Oppose Barack Obama

sqrt(cos(180)) Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 8:38 PM
Of course he wasn't breast fed; milk is "white."
The moron Affleck must think we have all forgotten the videos of the "Muslim" streets in Gaza when the Twin Towers went down; all, and I repeat, ALL, the Muslims were celebrating, dancing in the streets chanting "Death to America!" Sure, Ben 99% of the Muslim world are not jihadists...they just love to see Americans die by Muslim hands. Ben, you've been "Afflecked" by the usual Liberal illness--stupidity.
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