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How anyone can follow Sharpton or JJ after listening to Mr. Guillory speak just shows how far the civil rights movement has fallen in the last 40 years. But instead of the black community listening to him, the Sharptons and JJ's of the world will simply dismiss him as a tool of the GOP and call him vile names. They really don't want a debate, but instead they want victims that they can manipulate.
The only choice they are really providing is for an abortion otherwise you wouldn't be there. Pretty darn stupid statement.
You must have been at the Renaissance Center. That is one of the few nice things about the downtown area.
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Unsung Black People

SputnikMoment Wrote: Jul 25, 2013 9:38 AM
We have a black president so real racism is basically gone. Much of what remains is made up racism like in the Zimmerman case so as to avoid the real issues at the heart of the black culture which is a culture filled with violence, ignorance, and irresponsibility.
Watergate took years to get to the truth. The GOP has barely begun the investigations so they just need to keep on digging until they find the truth.
I guess they believe it is a phony scandal because they feel that these groups deserve it. It is all for the greater good you know.
Is there a link to the story or is that what she is saying?
I've been wondering where she was. What did she do this time?
Is anyone really surprised? This is what happens when you have decades of complete and total liberal control of a city. California is probably not too far behind.
I think they are trying to change the subject away from all the scandals. I don't blame them but it smells of desperation.
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