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OBESE are highly susceptible to death during any and all surgeries. Her obesity was causing her to not breath at night (sleep apnea) which was also risking her life. Informed consent forms were signed with regard to dangers of surgery. I'm a tax payer and I don't feel like paying for "extending a little love" to a child declared legally dead by three doctors because of an obese condition fueled by mom.
3 doctors EEG'd her and certified it is DEAD.
Sleep apnea common w/ the obese. The obese are @ high rick for ALL surgeries. I'm quite sure that WE THE TAXPAYER on on the hook to pay for this legally dead obese child, of coarse da mama & baby daddy wants to keeps her on life support, da gubermint be payin'.
Boo Hoo, I so tired of pumping our treasure to corrupt nations....I so tired of pumping our treasure to Muslim nations....I'm so tired of pumping our treasure to nations that want us dead....I'm so tired of pumping our treasure to the UN or other bleeding heart groups that want to waste it where people don't deserve the right to waste oxygen :(
Of coarse goat shagging is permitted ! So says the prophet Mohamed ! As long as the goat is promptly slaughtered and the meat is sold to another village....FACT
What haters ! How dare others impose their morals on Islam. The next thing you know, they'll be outlawing Thighing ( dry humping ) of babies...an expressly given right in the Quran directly from Mohamed !
Hang the school administrator and burn down the campus for starters. Do it the Muslim way, then the leftards will back off.
Fairness to all except fat Latinas. How would like Seniorita Tapia to be the one responsible for picking you up and carrying you out of a burning building ? Sorry, but you'd be dead ! This happen today around the country and gets hushed up, I know, I've seen it ! Lives are the price we pay for political correctness to fat Latinas.
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