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No it wont she will steal it from someone else and claim it is her's.
You really need to get off the Stool aid (sic) as it is affecting your brain functions.
Progressive Bull Shite Stations just put out more of the lies that the Lib-A-Turds push as the truth.
Goldi has to believe her own lies because no one else will.
How the hell did someone this stupid ever get in to college. Just another example of the American Public being Fluked again.
No they will just hide the witnesses along with Oliar's college records and birth certificate.
How can people "Lose Faith in Obamacare" when they never had faith in it to begin with??
I found the Muslim translation for the Name Obama = Liar
Its always frustrating having to break things down to a 2nd grade level when you are talking to someone who never listens to reality. And I thought Reed, Obama, and the rest of the Dim-0-Craps went to college, but then what can we expect from liberal education.
This is why we need IQ test to vote not Voter ID
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