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President Obama Claims He "Isn't Familiar" With Blocking of Benghazi Whistleblower Testimony

SpiritInterface Wrote: Apr 30, 2013 3:33 PM
Obama is out of the loop on anything having to do with being President. He find the JOB of President too hard so he just reads his Sports Illustrated, keeps up with his twitter feed, makes plans for his next golf outing, his and Michelle's next date night, the latest cause celeb of the Race Baiters and grievance hustlers, plans his next campaign fund raising tour, thinks of something else he can blame on President Bush, and pouting that he just can't get his way (those pesky things like Congress and the Senate, U.S. Citizen Voters, and most of all the U.S. Constitution keep getting in the way), and last but not least finding even more ways he can preen for his lackey MSM. So it is no surprise that Obama "isn't familiar" with anything...

Speaking today to reporters at the White House, President Obama denied knowing anything about Benghazi survivor claims that their testimony and efforts to become whistleblowers have been blocked.

"I'm not familiar with this notion that anybody has been blocked from testifying," Obama said in response to a question from FoxNews' Ed Henry. "I'm not familiar with it."

President Obama said he would "find out" what was going on and that of course he is dedicated to making sure U.S. embassies around the world are secure and safe for diplomats.