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Mass Murder Prevented by Off-Duty Cop

SpiritInterface Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 12:35 PM
Well since the British army using a Semi-Automatic version of the same rifle that the Argentine Military kicked their butt and since the numbers of Firearm owners vastly out numbers the US Military it is not non sensical.

Over the past couple days we've been hearing a whole lot about deadly rampages that have occured throughout America, but what we haven't heard much about are the deadly rampages that have been prevented thanks to armed, trained, responsible security and citizens. Yesterday in San Antonio, an off-duty police officer prevented mass murder after taking out a gunman before he could kill anyone.

Gunfire erupted at the Mayan Palace Theatre on Southwest Military Sunday night just before 9:30 pm. This shooting comes just days after a deadly rampage at a school in Connecticut and sparks memories...