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Idiotic Paid Soros Troll Alert !!!
Mental defectives and diehard democrats.
Nobody has signed up for anything but the website, which is just signing up for townhall.
I love how the MSM and Congress is going after the CEO of GM Yet it was Obama in control when most of the defective cars were made.
Just because Obama's mom checked out the website 7 million time DOES NOT mean 7 million people have enrolled in health care and paid their premiums.
Any fraud invalidates the whole process.
Oh the irony... A major "gun control" fanatic caught selling gun.
State Senator Rod Wright, has been found guilty on eight counts of felony voter fraud, perjury and filing a false declaration of candidacy (Democrat). And the Democrat controlled State Senate BLOCKED the removal of this convicted Democrat Rod Wright so that they can maintain their super majority. California state senator Ron Calderon, 56, faces two dozen counts of bribery, fraud, money laundering and other charges (Democrat).
He was alone and killed in the struggle for the weapon.
The Navy spokesman refereed to him as the "Petty Officer of the Deck" sorry thanks for the correction.
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