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Hey when you smoke enough pot to become psychotic you aren't non-violent. And show me the study that says that their claims are valid. empiric evidence trumps liberal babble. You can take you sign back.
Some advice from Chris Rock that Michael Brown should have followed.
I love that all the legalize pot crowd are still saying that people who smoke pot aren't violent. Michael Brown is prof that they are wrong.
Yeppers this is the "Fundamental Transformation" that Obama has been pushing. Race Riots and lawlessness...
Yes five of the Rams players are continuing to foist the false story to push the racist agenda.
In the United States of America you are PRESUMED INNOCENT. If the Grand Jury could not find enough evidence to sustain an indictment, then they could not find evidence of wrong doing. Sure they could find mistakes made by all parties involved and errors of judgement, but they did not find proof of wrong doing. As for allowing Officer Wilson to testify that varies from State to State as to whether the subject is allowed to testify. In some States it is a Right, in some States it is an option.
All the racist protesters are screaming is that the life of a black thug matters more than the truth and the rule on law.
WJF you are an idiot! In the United States of America you are PRESUMED INNOCENT until you are found guilty in a court of law. The Grand Jury found that there was NO evidence of wrong doing.
"Communal Self Defense" would be the common Citizens picking up a weapon and banding together and telling the protesters to frack off.
Vigilance is the price of Freedom. The fact that common Citizen good guys with Firearms are willing to Follow and only step in when the "protesters" attempt acts of destruction and violence is a good thing. I wonder on which side of the line Obama's new illegals stand? "Protester" or Protector?
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