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Wells saw the direction that the followers of Marx and Engels were going and predicted the final result.
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How to Fight Sexual Assault

SpiritInterface Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 6:42 PM
Then you haven't been paying attention to the facts. There are massively more cases of remorse "Rape" than actual Rape cases being prosecuted.
You need to start taking you meds again, your grip on reality has slipped.
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A Tale of Two Moralities

SpiritInterface Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 5:57 AM
Was he a LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE? If not what is your point?
The Federal Government is a financial contributor giving them Billions of dollars.
What the hag Joanna Krupa and her ignorant fellow wastes of space and precious resources fail to understand is that the Fees from these culling hunts are a MAJOR source of income for the host Nation (20-30% of the fee) their park service (15-20% of the fee for their anti-poaching efforts) and the local Tribe (40-50% of the fee). That the animals involved are Old, Infirmed, or otherwise a danger to themselves or others, and that the animals aren't just chosen at random. Further the wages paid to the tribal members who are hired on as bearers, beaters, and Guides maybe their only income they get for the year, and that a large portion of the meat of the animals taken are given to the local tribe. So the hag Joanna Krupa is not just advocating the murder of a young woman she is also for the starvation and deaths of ever man woman and child supported by these hunts.
Simon kindly layoff the mind altering drugs...
Don't forget the Vikings, that's going to have to go. Oh and Black Hawks, that is another one. They are already coming after 'Injun Joe' mascot of the Indians.
NO, NO, NO... The out and out lies, willful destruction of evidence in violation of numerous Federal Laws, the blatant PERJURY, obfuscations, and deceptions are destroying the whole reputation of a career diplomat built by hard work over decades
It's not the average Nevadans who vote for Whorehouse Harry, it's the Culinary Union which owns the election commission which keeps sending Whorehouse Harry to Washington.
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