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The Unconstitutional Attack on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Spikeygrrl Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 7:20 PM
Charles: Then you must be familiar only with the outliers of this industry, because my experience (see post above) and that of several colleagues in several different states was entirely different. Nobody was wearing scrubs; they didn't even PRETEND to be medical; the CERTAINLY didn't pretend to be financially charitable (before a birth or after); the entirety of their "services" consist of making you watch a highly emotional video and then screaming at you for a couple of hours. How very compassionate and Christian of them.

“Does a grocery store have to post a sign stating it doesn’t offer apparel?” asks Pam Cobern, the executive director of Austin LifeCare, a crisis pregnancy center in Austin, Texas. Then why, she insists, does her pro-life office have to post a notice stating it does not provide “medical services” such as abortion?

Austin LifeCare is the latest in a string of pro-life pregnancy resource centers across the country required to hang a sign that could potentially turn customers away. The city of Austin passed a 2012 ordinance stating that LifeCare, along with three other local pregnancy centers, must post...