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This article is very close to describing the foundation of my political beliefs. I'm not super complicated. I don't mind people attempting to 'educate' me, lecture me, point out the error of my ways etc, etc... I nod and go on with my life. And you know what - every now and then I get some good info to incorporate into my life. But when you have people that suddenly decide that every good idea needs to be converted into a law, that's the line for me. I simply cannot stand it when people think they need to pass laws that effect me because they think it's a great idea. I really get the feeling that liberals would like to drop the United States from our name and just have us be America. Whereas I would like to see much more diversity from state to state personally.
Ok I'm going to show my ignorance here. I thought the employer mandate was basically dead. So why did Hobby Lobby go to court in the first place? To get ahead of it or what am I not understanding?
well that's fun. Is it ok for people to call themselves husband and wife? I mean - in the privacy of their own home of course- - after the kids are asleep.
Am I wrong? Wasn't the last president's great undoing because he waited 4 WHOLE DAYS to visit New Orleans after the hurricane? Maybe my memory is fuzzy, but I thought there was a huge uproar about it and basically, his presidency never recovered from it and to this day, one of the first things people mention regarding Bush is the response to Katrina. So am I wrong about that? And here we have the President himself saying this is a humanitarian crisis and he still has not visited - and is actively resisting a visit - to this area. He's worried about how it would look? Does he ever think about anything else? Like actually doing things to help people? Seems like this is the moment he is waiting for! How much mileage could he get from a photo of a few dirty and tattered, hungry etc kids that just want a better life... such the humanitarian. But he already got his two terms and a Nobel prize. I guess this is part of the problem of getting a trophy for showing up. All you want is the trophy - you have no understanding of the concept of earning it. I want a president that earns a trophy but is says something like 'I don't deserve this'. THAT is what I personally want in a leader.
this seems like ultra conservative behavior from people that call themselves progressive.
Then why are democrats so opposed to this? Seems like they would be all about it if they are the ones that are getting the short end of the stick.
Ronald, What's your idea? Just open the gates an let everyone come in? Or are you just interesting in defending Obama? If I were to agree that Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread and republicans are basically the devil - then could we actually talk about what's happening here instead of just barking back and forth at each other? Seriously - I've seen you pop in on several threads and point out that republicans are evil, but you haven't said what it is you would like to see happen here
right - because just like when you plant seeds they don't ever grow right?
I guess the President isn't the only one with a 'pen and a phone'
You guys need to not make a big deal out of little stuff - it makes it harder to believe when there actually is big stuff to make a big deal out of. If you scream about every little thing, I stop listening. These guys aren't anti gun at all in this ad. This is clearly a gun safety ad. The only thing that makes me cringe is that it's actual kids playing with actual dildos and such.
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