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Video: Is This a Hate Crime?

Spiceman0 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 10:14 PM
I do not believe any one wants to do evil, or is evil. It is their misguided intelligence, immature disposition and inappropriate attitudes learned from others or the entertainments secretly desired and openly most loves; it plays out as vicarious experience which later, as the opportunity avails, it is translated into an act. "A thought —good of evil, an act, in time a habit —so runs life's law." —Ralph Waldo Trine in "Life's Law"

Not according to the Obama/Holder DOJ, it isn't -- but what what else would you label this?

Philadelphia police are searching for a woman who was caught on surveillance camera assaulting a man on a SEPTA bus last month.  The incident happened on May 31st on a Route 23 SEPTA bus on the 5700 block of Germantown Avenue.  Police say a little before 2:30 p.m., a woman described as black female, 5’5” with a stocky build boarded the bus and right after sitting...

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