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Rand Paul 2016?

Spiceman0 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 12:13 PM
It is a sad note, to see how pride and prejudice have played out in this last election. Fraud and extremist right and left wingers have the same agenda. Use force to achieve their end. Not something Christ would do it. Most Americans will not choose an honest man for president, because most are not honest at least in their intent. Greed, selfishness and pride rule most, and it grieves me to the bone. God love us all, and weeps as we do not hear Him. Christ stood on the mount of olives and wept, saying, how many times have I taken thee as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings and ye would not. We as all of Israel will have to learn it the hard was. So you chose Barabbas over a Christ like man to your loss.
Governor Bobby Jindal, kindly remember that you do not win votes by this stunt either. Get real and climb the mountain on your own merits, not by heaping fault where there was no fault. Obama cheated, and you know it.
One opinion on the internet is no better an another. Tricks of a con.
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Video: Biden Gaffe of the Day

Spiceman0 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 11:48 AM
When you do not know the truth, it is understandable, but when you believe something that just ain't so, and pass it off as true, we sure do appear to be a moron. Mitt Romney has never intentionally deceived anyone; never bilked anyone for personal gain, or sacrificed any person or business for personal profit. I can see you are serious, but you are not 100% when is comes to what you know of Mitt Romney. Obama is the great deceiver, master mayhem, the keeper of the big lie.
…but if there is a drop of blood shed on this occasion, the sword shall never again be sheathed until Christ comes to reign over the earth. …May God bless you forever and ever, and we all answered, ‘Amen’”
It is just amazing the invented stories told about someone else's faith. Christ was very clear about how to distinguish a man of faith and a hypocrite. "By their works ye shall know them." Dot2Dasher has a vivid imagination and a bigot spirit that is haunting his reason. If Christ died for save the world and gave his life for us, as he said, "greater love hath no man then this, that he lay down his life his friends." Joseph smith was murdered by political religious fanatics. Joseph Smith was promised protection by Governor Ford of Illinois as he was to be nominate the presidential candidate of the USA. But Joseph Smith knew it was a trap and was going to bring the church out to the west, but was call back to Nauvoo.
A note from the Journal of Christopher Layton, about Joseph Smith, days before his death. “After the city had been declared under martial law, the Legion was drawn up in front of the Mansion House and the Prophet, standing upon the framework of the building opposite, addressed them. He asked us if we loved him, if we would stand by him and sustain the laws of our country? And we all answered, ‘Yes, yes.’ Then he said he was content; he would die for us. ‘I love you my brethren; greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for his friends; you have stood by me in the hour of trouble, and I am willing to sacrifice my life for your preservation.’…but if there is a drop of blood shed on this occasion, the sword shall never again
A honest man will make honest remarks. It appears the Pres. Ronald Reagan did the same. We want an honest president, and allies that do not fail to acknowledge the truth about themselves and the world. We are in the same boat. What is there to complain about?
Is seems that you are sincere but your argument lacks substance, evidence or proof that what you describe as the purpose of Voter ID. Voter fruad is real and the evidence is avalible on youtube.
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