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Yes, I served under President Bush for 8 years and I couldn't stand it when the Far Left Liberals used to talk bad about my President. Just like when Far Right-Wingers talk bad about President Obama.
Yes, the President was correct!
It's kind of funny seeing Rednecks defending a Millionaire Mormon who cares nothing about them. I guess it's true what they say: "Republican Propaganda is so powerful it can get poor people to vote for policies that hurt them but help the rich."
Yes, we genrally buy our own knives. We still do knife training...even at Ranger Schhool I did knive training. However, the government isued bayonet is pretty much obsolete. Again, we personally buy our own knives. Bayonets were just too cumbersome. Even back in 2006 on my first deployment to Iraq, we took all our bayonets and stored them in our connexes. When we got back, we ended up turning all of them in. Just like the President said, we have fewer of them in the military today.
In general, we buy our own knives. We don't use those old bayonets tht the Army used to issue. Before we got rid of them, we used to just store them away in containers.
I guess that's why there are more educated Liberals than Conservatives.
I served in the Army 20 1/2 years, what about you?
Not when you're going against RPGs and IEDs
Yes, I have. I was in the Army for 20.5 years and we stopped using them when we went to Iraq in 2006. We stored them in a container and never saw them again until it was time to do our monthly accountability checks. We used our own knives. The bayonets were way too cumbersome.
They were undecided going into the debate, you knucklehead. Also, that was their vote on who WON the debate.
So I tuned in to watch the debate last night and I ended up watching Two Liberals competing for the oval office. I know there were a lot of Right-Wingers who came to the sad realization that they voted for a Massachusetts Liberal during the primaries.
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