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The True Martin Luther King, Jr.

spence10 Wrote: Aug 29, 2013 10:57 PM
I never figured out the outcry over having a holiday named after him. I seen his birthday on the calendar and wondered who is he. But when Arizona refused to have the holiday and lost the rights to a super bowl and good teams didn't go to the Fiesta Bowl because of it. Manipulation. King I don't know about his morality if it was like JFK or not. Of course there is reason to enter defensive wars for protection of people from evil dictators like Hitler and Stalin. Affirmative action is a slap in face saying I can't compete without an advantage. If someone has the ability to do job keep law get treatment regardless of color. Not special treatment. For the King day like Veterens and Colombus day what that normally means is that you can't get to the bank or get your mail but many schools are in session and the bulk of jobs keep regular hours. As a matter of fact movie theaters and other businesses that cater to after work hours normally are not open on that day. I don't see the point of the day. I respect many of the things him and some of the civil rights leaders did to ensure equality. Just don't see point of holiday over it.