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George Will's False Argument Against Football

spence10 Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 12:04 AM
on and on how her grandsons knee was never the same. Teachers tell of injured football players. Injuries do happen. People do what they can to prevent it. Other activities give risk as well. It does not seem like injured football players wish they never did play. Want to play again if they could. Do what we can to keep it safe. But brings small communities together and can unify families, Get the lawn mowed so we can watch the game etc. A great unifier.

Those who have convinced themselves that American football is incurably violent and shortens the life expectancy of those who play it -- I am thinking of George Will -- ought to read the study the American Journal of Cardiology published in March on the mortality of former NFL players.

Men who played in the NFL for at least five years over a period of three decades, the study demonstrated, had a lower mortality rate than the general population of American males.

However, in The Washington Post on Sunday, George Will wrote: "Various unsurprising studies indicate high early mortality rates...