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Cause and Effect

SpeedracerNow Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 11:02 AM
Hugh - the modern media is great at investigating incidents that appear to be the result of Republican or conservative actions, but they pretty much turn a blind eye, or argue against any relationship between a Democrat or liberal and a bad result. Do you really think a "real" investigation into a causal relationship between the rhetoric of the President, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, or Mayor D will happen? Just this morning on a talk show I heard one of the people say nothing Mayor D said had any affect on the shootings or race relations & attitudes. The Left denies any responsibility for anything. In fact, responsibility is a four letter word for them (even without Joe Biden).
The lawsuit against the co-conspirator in the commission of a felony - the teacher and the school for accepting the gun - would be interesting. But then, most liberals think they can do anything if their heart is in the right place. (see Green Peace destroying an ancient Peruvian monument to try to make a point)
From the same magazine - Forbes - this provides the opposite view. One article from one person does not end the debate! http://www.forbes.com/sites/kylesmith/2014/09/11/sorry-obama-fans-reagan-did-better-on-jobs-and-growth/
They say Justice is blind. Unfortunately Mr. Holder peeks. If you're white - your guilty - of whatever he wants you to be guilty of. Otherwise, you're not guilty.
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'God Bless America,' With Irony

SpeedracerNow Wrote: Jul 30, 2014 2:07 PM
I forgot where it was the U.S. housed, fed, gave money and food stamps to Irving Berlin and his family. I am sure the success of Mr. Berlin is directly accountable to having Health Care provided so he could concentrate on his music. OH wait - none of that was available when he came here. Maybe the thousands who came to our shores then had to actually work or starve. We were so mean spirited back then - thinking someone should actually work to survive. Now we "fairly" steal from the rich (the middle class struggling to make ends meet) and give to the poor (those not working - for any reason what-so-ever). Play on through, Mr. President. You have another fund raiser to attend.
The first world president, of course
So now they have a degree, cannot be deported, but how are they going to get a job legally? Isn't there a big push to punish those employers who hire illegal aliens? That status has not been lifted. So the Pres is holding up law breakers as something to aspire to, and provides no "honest" or "law abiding" way to work here. Not to mention the insult to those following the rules. I sure hope this changes!
you are assuming they 1) developed a good requirements analysis (or even know what one is) 2) programmed it to reflect the requirements (after all, they only had 3/4 of a Billion dollars!) 3) Are interested in Honestly providing that information to the public 4) ... blah blah blah. it;s the worst case of bad management and development i have ever seen!
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Fact-Free Liberals: Part IV

SpeedracerNow Wrote: Jan 24, 2014 1:21 PM
When engineers use flawed data then what they are buidling fails. When global alarmists use flawed data (and that has been proven) then their "theories" also fail. When Michael Crichton, a known left leaning scientist (as well as author), spoke to global warming, he stated multiple reasons why the theories were not only wrong, but laughable. The premise that man is creating a large portion of climate change is the first problem. You are working to prove your theory rather than use solid data to examine results. It is too easy to fusge data to make it fit your desired result - and that is what is being done to maintain the funding and notoriety.
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