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Legalization-First Could Scuttle Immigration Plan

spectator2 Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 11:00 AM
The most maddening thing is that the people our dear leaders want to amnesty are those who have been here a while. Well, these are the illegals who defnitely ARE doing jobs that Americans WILL GLADLY do. Any illegal who has been here long-term is not now picking fruit; they are taking American jobs and those clueless politicians we have elected are betraying us.
To hear Sen. Charles Schumer tell it, lawmakers crafting an immigration reform bill will focus on two big tasks. "First, defining metrics that demonstrate that the border is secure," the New York Democrat explained at a Jan. 31 news conference. "Second, defining exactly what the path to citizenship looks like and how it proceeds."

For Schumer and some Senate colleagues, that is the short version of immigration reform: first, border security, and second, a path to citizenship.

But immigration reform as envisioned by the so-called Gang of Eight is actually a three-step process. Schumer left out the first part: immediate...