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Exactly so. "We were born here" says it all. This invasion is good for NO American citizen. The people of this country come first. The idea of importing cheap labor from other countries disrupts the economy and there is no level playing field any longer. Not to mention that American taxpayers have to pick up the tab because these people are paid so poorly. That's about as vulgar as you can get A country is not a dollar bill. It is her people, her culture. And any self-respecting country's leaders should be working to protect those people and preserve that culture. Both parties are full of dollar bill leaders, who have lost their way. Those who don't work for this country's needs should be shown the door by all Americans.
You are one sick puppy. Illegal immigration/amnesty is the biggest threat to this country's very existence as a major power rather than a third world cesspool. The American people are overwhelmingly against any kind of amnesty for illegal invaders. This is a landmark election result. The first time the people have mobilized to defeat an ominous threat.
Oh, Mary, how wrong you are. Immigration reform? For whom? The lawbreaking, arrogant, selfilsh illegals who think they come before anyone else? When the high-ranking member is an anti-American snob who loves illegal aliens and hates Ameican workers, and the untested one challenges him on that, it is a VERY GOOD IDEA indeed!
Ronald, the gullible, low information, research and numbers-resistant champion of amnesty for criminal invaders. Don't bother using the intelligence God gave you. You don't have what it takes to process a logical thought.
I don't care what name YOU want to put on it, and neither does anyone else. It is amnesty and if you think otherwise, you are as ignorant as the day is long. These people deserve NOTHING. Immigration POLICY is supposed to be set for the good of a country's citizens, and immigration REFORM therefore should also be for U.S. citizens and not for the arrogant, selfish illegal invaders. They have none of the qualities we should want in our future citizens. On top of this, NO immigrant population, legal, illegal, or amnestied, which has lasted as long as this invasion has, should EVER be comprised of over 80% of one ethnicity, one foreign language. It makes assimilation a joke and threatens our culture, not to mention plays into the political aspirations of the nativist (for their former countries) supporters of these illegals. You are just giving your country away to foreign nationals, something you evidently want passionately. Grow up and do a little research and number-counting. Unless you are an illegal yourself, you will gain nothing from this amnesty. Even the fools who want it for votes or cheap labor will be surprised and will wonder what on earth they were thinking.
That is the only true statement I have seen from you, Ronald. You DO know, however, that Romney called for self-deportation via E-Verify, don't you? That would have solved a lot of problems. Of course, the amnesty shills, like you and the rest of the RINOs bombarded Romney with criticism for being so "mean" to those poor little rotten, arrogant, selfish,immoral lawbreakers who think they come before anyone else.. So Romney is now backtracking a little, but not much. At least he doesn't want them to go to the head of the line as most of you anti-American illegal criminal alien lovers do.
I don't care if you were "involved" in the immigration process or not. You are speaking rubbish. The groups you speak of came when there were no goodies for them to lap up. No welfare or free government entitlements. They came for a better life, opportunity, and expected to work for towards it. They didn't make demands. They went to night school to learn English and assimilated as soon as they could. The didn't have groups here in place, like Mecha and La Raza, who are very much interested in poltical power by RACE or ethnicity -- theirs only. Those you refer to came with the understanding they would become Americans. And they did. And built the greatest nation in the world. This nation won World War II, which this criminal group would not have the morals or ethics to do. And the others NEVER got affirmative action, which the mostly Hispanic illegals DO ALREADY get. Those other groups got there on their own, by working towards it, not getting handouts, which is why many of those who are coming today come. And you want to compare these lawbreaking, immoral, unethical beings with the immigrants of the past? Get real. Tell me how many Irish, Italians, Chinese, Vietnamese or other ethnic groups, or even legal Mexican or Hispanic immigrants of the past would have the nerve to waddle over the border, only and specifically to drop that little anchor baby in a border hospital because they know the American taxpayer will foot the bill and they can live on their little citizen's welfare? These people will NEVER be a credit to this country. If we build the future of this country on the backs of these lawless people, nothing good can come of it. And, by the way, descendants of those immigrant groups you speak of, who NEVER got anything as accommodating as affirmative action, nowadays have to step aside as their college slots are given to these undeserving people. Yes, you are right in that every group before this one was discriminated against. But they put their heads down, forged ahead and made it on their own. These illegals, have no such qualities. They are more interested in marching around and demanding rights they don't and should not have.
But only under some circumstances. Is it reasonable in this day and age, when the military is downsizing? There are few slots as it is for American citizens to join the armed forces. I know personally of a case where only one person from his unit was allowed to re-enlist; the others were gone. Do you think it is wise to offer these scarce slots to the children of foreign invaders just because they have snubbed our laws and have managed to evade the law and are here? We have plenty of Americans willing to serve in these circumstances. And, after such a right is given to them, they will get affirmative action. Just watch. It wouldn't be the first stupid move that has been made by our current rudderless "leaders", who are in the back pockets of the amnesty crowd.
I believe it is YOU who belongs to the low information crowd. If you don't believe that illegal aliens have voted in our elections, you are seriously clueless. Why do you think Democrats oppose to such a great degree something as simple and reasonable as voter ID? There are plenty of states who issue state ID's to illegals and they are as free to vote as you are.
And so have the Republicans: Boehner, Jeb, Rove, Cantor, Rubio, and all the RINOs who are in bed with the Chamber of Commerce and other cheap labor advocates. They are all just Democrat wannabe's.
It is quite obvious that both are in play. Jobs, obviously, and probably first. We have record high unemployment rates, and illegals are not just picking crops, or doing jobs "Americans won't do". Everytime there has been a raid on employers of illegals, the lines of Americans wanting those jobs snakes around the corner. Then, when the illegals get here, and have purposely dropped an anchor baby, paid for by American taxpayers, they find they can live off the welfare money of their new little citizen. It has long been proven that you cannot have a welfare state and open immigration policies at the same time. Of course these people come for the benefits as well. And we, the citizens and taxpayers of the U.S. get to pick up the bill. No, it doesn't matter who is "right", what should matter is that every citizen of this country should be educated on what is happening here. It will eventually destroy the United States if people don't stand up and fight for their own country. What a mess.
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