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We live in a land where an application must be filled out and approved to be allowed to practice religion and carry firearms. Go America!
Louis commented on another article that stop and carry is racial profiling. It amazes me that she gets away with her racism. In her really demented worldview all and only blacks are criminals. It never dawned on her that white thugs exist.
Actually it's just profile Louis. It's all about body language and clothing. You gotta hide it somewhere...
I think you could do the same for a twenty zinj
Criminals examine cost and benefit along with the rest of us. Stop and frisk is a good example of cost outweighing benefit and the criminals rational decision follows. What is the replacement cost with Guns Down, Life Up?
Yes the old white man terror organization. We attempted to recruit Robert Byrd but he was a dead democrat already.
It might be that level three is the highest they go. Anybody up on their UN emergency level guidelines and responses?
It's finally a level three emergency, ya see? Go UN go... So it was level two before or did they skip that step? What happens at the level four level?
In Europe everything is different. There is no American style "right" there.
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