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Ron Paul is delusional... And annoying!
Actually the article was more concerned with the well being of the first family and accused the secret service of not providing good security.
I'm not so sure Alton's mother knows where justice leads in her son's case.
The only way for Islam to be a religion of peace is for the moderates to clean their own house. Unfortunately I don't see that happening. But then, doesn't moderate sound more like middle of the road? Not really for something but not really against? Dictionary says moderate means average in amount, intensity, quality or degree.
Thank you runner. Cleveland is home to great folks!
Mike, we have more than enough lame brained college admins in Cleveland already. Otherwise I agree.
Most studios are like any other service oriented industry where they charge hourly. It's the untrained singer that brings more money. Regardless of how good a singer is the real quality will come from the one who works hard on a recording. I am working with four different singers in the studio now. 3 work very hard, 4-6 hours per song @ $60/hr, just vocals. And that is just for a proper lead vocal. Backgrounds and doubles not included. The other, who has the most natural talent and vibe, well, I can't even get an hour out of him. Guess which recordings sound best? IMHO, to record a "bad" vocal over otherwise great music is to destroy the entire project. For most listeners out there music is a distant second to the vocal.
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ISIS Seeks 'Cyber Caliphate'

Specious Rule Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 9:37 PM
I've worked in media development and minor software development for twenty years and believe me, the ability to edit audio and video is a far cry from the ability to hack. Especially the above mentioned likely targets. Even if they could hack these targets what is it they could accomplish? Worst case scenario? I think this would be a big money pit for the Islamic State and little more than an annoyance for the west.
Sure, support the Kurds and Israelis but I don't think that alone will stop the buildup of the next 9-11. Seems that the Middle East is falling toward fanaticism at an increasing rate and without a shift in the cultural paradigm another 9-11 is enevitable.
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Gutfeld Kills Obama's ISIS Address

Specious Rule Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 7:33 PM
So if they are not a state, and they're not Islamic can we still call them Islamic State?
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