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I don't see Ron Paul as a libertarian. I don't believe the Libertarians are libertarian. I see the them as a bunch of "philosophers" taking their ideology to the point of absurdity. Mad science on paper as they all try to out-libertarian each other. I've studied to much Hayek and Von Mises, who actually acknowledged reality, to find any relationship between the libertarian framework and the ideals of big Ls or Ron. I'd even lump Rand in there too. Ayn or Paul.
While he was never known as a pure ideological dem, Christopher Hitchens was well known as a disgusted first hand observer of the Axis of Evil. He was known to ally himself with folks like Wolfowitz. Unfortunately he is no longer with us and that realist sect of the dems might well be extinct. This is a vid of him discussing those individual regimes. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-rTT8TPcck
Really? That's an epic discovery...
Maybe we should eradicate any mention of native Americans or their cultures influence in public society. For example, in Cleveland we should rename the Cuyahoga river, along with our county name, to Cleveland River and Cleveland county.
I'm surprised they have yet to go after the Patriots as a radical right wing ball team. I guess the irs is a bit more progressive than the patent office.
Dumba$$...unicorns have not existed ever. Unlike the alligator pictured above unicorns are from fairy tales.
It's clear that this animal is NOT dead. Spielberg is likely playing with it as you would with a dog or cow.
And tortured aliens on more than one occasion.
So was the "stand by" order given under the belief that a protest had gone out of control or was it given under the belief that a terrorist attack was underway? So many lies to figure out...
They could say it a trillion times but that doesn't make it true.
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