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Maybe we all should not eat in front of anyone during Ramadan at all...just in case.
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Fire Reid Already

Specious Rule Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 9:16 AM
They will fire up the printing press.
Hey Roy, Have your thoughts on the subject which Ransom replied to changed? Why does it matter if they're older than coprolites?
Another good read on this subject was written by Sowell. Something like The Housing Boom and Bust...
Bush signed the down payment act into law. According to wiki it was intended to help 40,000 families per year deal with down payments and closing costs. That's the one hand, here's the other: On many occasions Bush warned us and called for action concerning the unsustainable mortgage bubble.
Ransom wrote about the failures of politicians to address the current situation in black America. A situation that is getting worse in every imaginable way. Chapman addressed the general conditions of Chicago's crime rates. These two articles are on entirely different subjects.
And regarding the headline; "The politicians, who have been so ready to write trillion dollar checks to Wall Street, auto companies and cronies haven’t spent a dime on addressing issues decimating the black community." Headlines are only that. Take them with a grain of salt.
Maybe it's different in Chicago but here in Cleveland cops patrol the district they're assigned to.
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