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Obama No Longer Bothers To Hide His Socialist Bent

SpeaknUp Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 8:32 AM
One of the problem -- possibly the main problem -- with American apathy is ignorance of how our government is SUPPOSED to work. Kids clear through high school are taught all about "social studies" but don't get a lot of truth in history, and they don't learn the Constitution. Americans don't understand self-government. We have been reared to believe we are RULED by Congress and the president-- and in fact because Americans allow their non-representing representatives to continue to write unconstitutional laws, we are in practice being ruled by politicians who answer to the ones who finance their election rather than to the ones who vote for them. But then, we still vote for them, don't we. The Colonies have been assimilated.

Are we watching the meltdown of Barack Obama, soon to become a radioactive pile from which voters will run come November? Or are we instead witnessing the stirrings of a kind of political phoenix heretofore unseen in American history?

By any traditional measure, news in the past week or two alone should sink Barack Obama's chances for a second term. First, Obama biographer Stanley Kurtz reported new and definitive proof that, as a 34-year-old embarking on his political career, Obama belonged to the anti-capitalist -- indeed, socialist -- New Party, a phase of his political development he has not only never...