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If we're not smart enough to send them back, then send them ALL to DC and let the politicians enjoy them.
Boy! Bill you were totally wrong on this one. And RUDE to your guest, but then you usually are. I think it's time to write you off my viewing list for good. But then you'll probably not even notice. That's ok, I can use my time for better things.
If "they're" an example of the "best and brightest," Putin is going to have a field day on us. Oh! That's right he already is.....
Where's all the idiots who are not crying for banning knives now that they've been used in a school stabbing? Maybe all knives need to be engraved with your body-chip ID number and disintegrate when they come in contact with flesh. Come on, here's your chance to sing a new tune.
Obama would deport this family that has done right, but he leaves his derelict family skate by. Disgusting!!!
Another communist dictator. They want to keep kids under-educated so they'll believe anything they tell them. It's time to end this insanity. Recall the POS.
So if we've learned nothing else, we've learned the democraps are the party of tax and spend and lie. Kind of disgusting when you think about it.
Who cares!!!!?? She did fine, leave her alone, jerk. BTW, is that a noun or adverb?
What a neat opportunity. I can't imagine going to all that trouble to have this in such an anti-gun state. If I were in charge I'd move the competition to a gun-friendly state. These states don't deserve the revenue for all the trouble they cause. In a side note: I applaud Remington for moving to AL.
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