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GOP Double-Crossing Traitors

Sparten1 Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 8:36 PM
Don't stop now Ann. That's just a left jab - give them the right punch! :-) It really is disgusting.
This kind of injustice in this country has to stop! This is just insane!!!
Dish lost me as a customer years ago when they cut an outdoor show I enjoyed watching for the same reason. I guess they never learn.
And people died, if I remember correctly.
I knew they always had a backup somewhere. It's so redundant they couldn't make it go away. Now I hear they've destroyed her Blackberry. Most likely that's all backed up too. What would happen to you or I if we destroyed evidence knowing someone was coming after it? We'd go to jail on just that alone. Oh, that's right, we have the fox guarding the henhouse.
If we're not smart enough to send them back, then send them ALL to DC and let the politicians enjoy them.
Boy! Bill you were totally wrong on this one. And RUDE to your guest, but then you usually are. I think it's time to write you off my viewing list for good. But then you'll probably not even notice. That's ok, I can use my time for better things.
If "they're" an example of the "best and brightest," Putin is going to have a field day on us. Oh! That's right he already is.....
Where's all the idiots who are not crying for banning knives now that they've been used in a school stabbing? Maybe all knives need to be engraved with your body-chip ID number and disintegrate when they come in contact with flesh. Come on, here's your chance to sing a new tune.
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