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Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan: Leave Us The Hell Alone

spartacus3344 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 3:54 PM
I see, so it's America's fault that Britain occupied and oppressed the Irish and they got sick of it and started killing the British....typical progressive response unable to accept responsibility for their own actions... We're in the third century of freedom from the yoke of British imperialism, maybe one day all Irish will have that opportunity as well. The British government bailed out the Irish banks because the failed EU socialism experiment that was forced upon the Irish. It was the least you could do....

To his credit, CNN's Piers Morgan finally made his way out of New York City and into Texas to experience what it's like to shoot an AR-15 at a regulated gun range. While he was there, Ted Nugent stopped by for an interview. As always, things got interesting.