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Study: MSNBC is Pretty Much Pure Propaganda at This Point

spartacus3344 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 2:38 PM
O'Reilly is a wannabe celebrity, he happily ditches his principles if it means he gets invited to the right parties. He's a blowhard and a phony. It's the same with Geraldo, he's more interested in being a celebrity. Neither are worth anything IMHO. I agree about Hannity. He's a parrot. It's people like Stossel that make Fox rise above MSNBC, MSNBC doesn't have anyone even remotely as honest as Stossel in their lineup. Instead they have professional mouth-foamers like Ed Schultz on there screaming at the camera with as much class and dignity as a monkey flinging his poo.

The Obama campaign and cable "news" network MSNBC shared more than a mere slogan this presidential cycle.  Neither entity had a single negative thing to say about the incumbent president over the closing week of the campaign.  By definition, it was Team Obama's job to portray the president in a unflinchingly favorable light -- but what exactly is the NBC-owned channel's mission statement?  Fox News is often accused of being a little more than a right-wing spin machine, particularly during its opinion programming.  Fox's overall coverage of the campaign tilted heavily in favor of Mitt Romney during the home...