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has anyone else noticed how barry is in constant battle against the evil doers that are trying to harm America's people while distancing himself from any blame for the real damage being done by him and his policies. Good trick as long as you are dealing with the dumbed down low info voters. There are so many grants going out of the government for ridiculous proposals and most from the black community. They are actually holding classes on how to fill out the paper work Sounds like reparations to me.
and you have no honor or you would not be part of anything where it is said that being a hipocrite is normal expected.
go back to the Huffington boast, it fits you more. You have no reasonable arguement.
I wrote it did not speak it, can you tell the difference.?
How can anyone with your name possibly know what truth is. If you cannot see the communist in obama then you are dumber than Mathews. He is trying to bankrupt the country as in the rules for radicals handbook that he is follows. He feels that if he can devalue the currency enough it will cause an uprising and bring on the government take over. A real Lewinskite.
I guess Mathews had another of his tingles up his leg from Obama or has never read one of his books where he admitted to selling cocaine in college. Something it seems no one minds. Remember when they did not want to elect Bush because he got a DUI thirty years ago. Lets see drug dealer or beer drinker, which is worse.
The head of the naacp in I thing Mississippi went to jail for ten years for voter fraud and they did it again this year. Check it out google or go to ask and put in voter fraud convictions. there are many.
Go away if you do not want a fair america. If it walk s like a duck, quacks like a duck it may be a duck. it is statistically impossible for Romney not to get one vote in all of precicnts that had that result. that alone should call for an investigation but since the secretary of state is democrat, not going to happen. What if the shoe was on the other foot, how would you feel? If they can do it to me they can do it to you but I guess that you have lost your soul like the rest of the Demwits.
Their are grants going out to mostly the black community for almost anything they want and I think he is trying to repay for slavery. I do not know how anyone in washington with a conscience can do what the Democrats are doing to America by destroying the economy and borrowing until the currency is worthless. How can anyone that loves their country do that! Obama is a commie but all of the rest of the Demwits should have at least one that is a patriot with a soul. I do not understand.
well wrote, well wrote, I have never found anyone more unhappy than a liberal that was not upset at someone or something. They can never be happy, they want utopia and it is impossible so all they spread is more and more misery as they try and make everyone on an even playing field only it is one that is the lowest common denominator rather than they highest. It is spread the misery that the happiness. it is really quite sad that they are like they are when they could be so much happier.
huh, hogwash, he can't say two words without a teleprompter and you call it compassion and clarity, now we know why you are a liberal and why you think like a doper.
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