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Doubling Down on Anti-Gun News

sparcboy Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 9:22 AM
In the aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado Batman movie theater shooting, a live surveillance video has surfaced that shows the simple, obvious answer to the question on everybody's mind: How do we stop a massacre? The answer is revealed in the stunning short video shown below. This remarkable solution: • Requires no police. • Costs the taxpayers no money. • Protects innocent lives. • Is deployed in as little as FIVE seconds. • Deters violent crime. • Functions at the local level. • Does not require control or intervention by the United Nations or any government entity.

Everyone can imagine the horror of a madman shooting up an elementary school, especially the horror of losing your six-year-old in the melee. But at some point, the news media's wallowing in Newtown reminds one of Don Henley's satirical song "Dirty Laundry," and how the anchors' eyes gleam through plane-crash news because "it's interesting when people die; we love dirty laundry."

The "O" word that defines the media at times like these isn't "objective." It's "opportunistic."

To be sure, the "news" manufacturers aren't hoping for a school shooting. But that doesn't mean they aren't ready to exploit it. Newsweek columnist...