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Thanks Barack. Thanks a million. What a man you are!
Soccer is like baseball and golf. It requires a great deal of athletic ability and skill, which is not used very often during the playing time. If you want to watch all the action that occurred during a game, watch the 1-2 minutes of high lights. Soccer will likely never do well in the U.S. because there are no time outs. Therefore no time for commercials. Therefore little time for the teams to rake in big bucks from advertising revenues.
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Rick Perry Or Ted Cruz For 2016?

sparcboy Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 7:46 AM
If Cruz and Perry are all the Republicans have to offer, they will lose the next election. Both of these men have already been crucified by the liberal media.
To summarize this article in 5 words: Barack Obama equals epic fail.
Politicians tell us what we want to here to get our vote and get elected. Once elected, the biggest priority is getting re-elected, and as Sowell has implied, everything else pales in comparison. After being elected, the politicians represent the special interest (rich, corporations, unions, etc.) who will fund their next campaign.
Interesting. If the bleeding-heart liberal press really cared about these kids, the photos would have come from one of their reporters. You know for a fact if this were occurring under a Republican administration it would be plastered all over every web site. Things being the way they are, these kids can't be used as pawns for political gain, so the liberals could care less about their predicament.
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Being Pro-English Is Also Pro-Immigrant

sparcboy Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 11:54 AM
This is what I don't understand. Why would someone want to continue speaking the language of their people's conquerors, when they can choose to speak English instead?
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Glorious Days for Radical Islam

sparcboy Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 7:58 AM
America has to look like the biggest sap country in the world right now. Our "President" traded 5 high-level terrorist for someone who sympathizes with those released. America looks so bad right now, I can hardly bear it. Thanks Obama.
I was at a graduation last night at a school in a city that is predominantly white. The school allows kids from nearby cities that are heavily Hispanic to go to school there to get more money from the state. There were families waiving the Mexican flag when there kids name was called to walk across stage. Americans are such a bunch of saps.
This isn't 'news'. Children being brought to America and older ones coming on their own is perfectly predictable after Obama, the Democrats and many delusional so-called 'conservatives' say we should grant amnesty to the children of illegals who were are here 'through no fault of their own.' You can't offer people an incredible bargain and not expect them to show up in hordes to take advantage of it. Unless of course, you're delusional, or in Obama's case, that's the plan.
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