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The Continuing Wimpification of America

SpaceVegetable Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 3:53 PM
Some women would make very good combat troops. I know a couple of female cops and another who was a Marine who I would put up against most men with no concern. I think blanket bans based on gender are foolish. If women can meet the requirements, I say let them fight. They have a right to defend their country and people, just like any man. Heck, women can be fierce, especially when their families may be threatened. Look at nature. Don't they always say not to get between a mama bear and her cubs?

I’ve reached the point where I can’t even get agitated any more.

The anti-gun ideology in government schools has led to so many stupid incidents that all I can do is shake my head and be thankful my kids somehow were spared this nonsense.

Our latest story comes from Michigan, where a third grader brought some cupcakes to school for his birthday. That seems innocuous, but the boy’s mother (gasp!) decorated them with toy army men.

The school decided “to remove the Army soldiers from the cupcakes” and called the boy’s family to inform them that...

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