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Phony in Chief

Sowell Disciple Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 2:47 AM
A liberal friend's responded to my Facebook posting of Sowell's article: "What, he's supposed to be supportive of how Bush botched responding to Hurricane Katrina?!? And, speaking to roomful of African Americans, is he supposed to sound like a white guy? I think being a "community organizer" -- who then went on to rise through the ranks from State Senator (8 years) to US Senator (4 years) to President -- is a much more trustworthy background for President of the United States than being a super-successful vulture capitalist, pioneer jobs outsourcer, Bishop of the Mormon Church, CEO of the Winter Olympics, or a one-term governor (and loser for US Senate) of a small liberal state. continued . . . .
When President Barack Obama and others on the left are not busy admonishing the rest of us to be "civil" in our discussions of political issues, they are busy letting loose insults, accusations and smears against those who dare to disagree with them.

Like so many people who have been beaten in a verbal encounter, and who can think of clever things to say the next day, after it is all over, President Obama, after his clear loss in his debate with Mitt Romney, called Governor Romney a "phony."

Innumerable facts, however, show that it is our Commander in Chief who is Phony...