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I lost all respect for Colin Powell when he endorsed Obammie the first time - Powell can go somewhere far away and get mildewed.
And I hope it crushes his poor little ego for a lifetime.
Amen to that. He is so dumb with his comments and too stupid obviously to see that he is shooting holes in his own boat. Talk about a dummy - he sure is one.
We already went and all of us around here have cast our ballot - and it sure wasn't for some black&white polecat.
He's worse than my little Sara - she at least has an excuse - she IS a child - he's an immature goof.
Obammie believes that he is the Consitution and he'll have no other Constitutions before him - remember he thinks he can walk on water. Hope the moron finds out on Nov. 6th that he sinks like the rest of us. ;-p
;O) Mom says I am being paid back. I was the youngest with two older brothers and now Sara is the spitting image of her mama I am told - in more ways than one, with two older brothers. At least I know she will stand up for herself when grown but I want her respectful too.
This statement of Obama's is only going to hurt him more - hateful, childish, uncalled for. It is almost peevish like a vengeful whiney little girl. Very unbecoming and definitely not presidential at all.
After these last two debates between Romney and Obammie, I saw quite an ugly side of Obama that was probably there all the time. Slit-eyed, unveiled evil - worse than any Darth Vader Death Stare if you ask me. The mask was fully off and he was the devil in the flesh - darn right scary. He would do well in a Halloween Horror Movie - maybe come January he can go into horror movies for a living.
Everything is great, huckleberry. Just family keeping me busier than a cat covering up caca - especially Sara. You tell her NO and she tells you NO right back - which gets her little fanny into trouble. Can you say "head-strong". God Help me.
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