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Everybody loves the founding fathers so much, maybe Obama should handle this the same way Washington handled the Whiskey Rebellion. George Washington would have sent the troops in on this tax cheat who questioned the Federal government's authority.
Yes, his comments were taken out of context. The proper context to take them in is 1860.
In one post I said white people raped and sold people and split up families. I didn't say all white people, I said white people. Because it was white people. If this offends you, stop being so touchy. In a total, separate post, I said many on the right are racist because they stereotype blacks with crime and sloth. I didn't white people did this, I said many on the right. Again, stop being so touchy.
The roles and region of Republican and Democratic parties flipped between the time of the New Deal, Civil Rights Bill and Great Society. While Republicans were once the northern party that was liberal on race and equality, they are now the party of the old south. The former Confederacy is the deepest red politically. The Democratic Party of today has no resemblance to the pre-Civil Rights era party in terms of region, platform or view on race. But you already knew all that and made a dumb argument anyway. Robert Byrd was the last of dying breed of Dixiecrats, they don't exist anymore.
I said Republicans, not white people. I'm white, I'm not a Republican. Republicans are not a race, so generalizations about Republicans are not akin to racism. Stop striving for victimhood.
"I am a racist now too." You just stereotyped a race of people as criminal mooches, so, yeah. This is why we call the right racist, many of you, at your core, associate blacks negatively with crime and sloth. That's the definition of racism.
That's what happened during slavery, my quote is him saying they were better off during slavery.
The rancher who said that Black people were better off when white people could rape them and sell their kids to other white people for profit.
Well then it must be true, a guy who converted his job title to his first name said it. I wonder what my cousin, Bricklayer Johnson, thinks or my sister, Realestateagent Lawson.
There are thousands of ranchers in the country who pay their fees. Bundy is like an Occupier in Zuccotti Park, trespassing and mad because he can't have his way.
If he's a kook on race then maybe he's a kook on property rights, too.
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